3 Simple Exercises While Sitting At Your Desk

When it comes to office health and fitness, it is a known fact that those who work at their desks for a large portion of the day are unhealthier than those whose job involves physical activity such as walking to different offices, doing deliveries or even cleaning the office. That is why it is important for workers who have desk-based jobs to ensure that they engage in some form of office health and fitness each day. They will soon begin to notice the health benefits.

Incorporate Stretching Exercises into Your Office Health and Fitness Routine

Because of the rushed lifestyle that office workers have, many arrive at work with just moments to spare before the siren goes off that signals the beginning of their work day. As a result, most of them simply do not have time to hit the gym before work. At least every 30 minutes, take the time to stand up and stretch. This should be done by stretching your arms as high as possible towards the ceiling and standing on your toes (if possible). By doing this, you will be improving the blood flow through your body and you will feel more awake afterwards. Another way to incorporate stretching into your office health and fitness routine is to bend and touch your toes or just reach down as far as possible.

Squeeze the Buttocks and Raise the Legs

While sitting at your desk, you are able to give your office health and fitness routine a boost by squeezing your buttocks as firmly as possible and repeating a few times, holding each squeeze for a few seconds. Another way to get in a little office health and fitness at your desk is to raise your legs under the desk (either one at a time or together) and hold them up for a count of 10 to 15 seconds. By repeating this approximately a dozen times in a row, you will soon begin to notice that your legs don’t get as tired as they used to while taking the office stairs or walking to your car at night. An added bonus is that these two exercises are not even noticeable while being done your desk.

Consume Fewer and Healthier Calories

In many cases, office workers are notorious for their repertoire of unhealthy snacks. While it may be a lot easier to grab a bag of chips and a pop from the vending machine, this habit will do your office health and fitness routine no good at all. It is usually a good idea to plan ahead and bring a packed lunch from home because it will usually be healthier. Why not consider preparing a turkey and salad sandwich or preparing a tuna roll for your next lunch? It may not always be as appealing as salty or sugary snacks, but you will probably also lose weight in the long run as a result of changed dietary habits. What we eat also plays a large part in our office health and fitness routine.

By making a few simple changes in your everyday habits at your place of work, you will easily be able to incorporate a little office health and fitness into your working days.