4 Great Ways to Become More Innovative

The next great idea for your business could actually come from just about anyone.  It could be an employee, a consumer, a vendor, or even someone that you don’t know at all.  You should make sure that you involve everyone in your business endeavors to help you be more innovative.  This can sometimes be chaotic, but if you get a lot of input you must find ways to organize your new ideas so that you can put them into action.

Some companies will get their new ideas and store them in a wiki.  This can be a good way to store information, but it can be really hard for you to find it later.  IT is really not organized at all.

If you want to be really truly innovative, then you want to make sure that you possess some great organizational skills that will allow you to act on your innovative ideas.  Here are four great ideas that will help you to keep organized.

  • Discuss your ideas in one place.  You may want to set up a central area that you can collect your ideas and share them with others.  You should use opportunities for collaboration with others and allow for feedback.  There are many great management tools that offer these features.
  • Label and organize your ideas.  If you really want to keep your ideas in order, then you will want to organize them by topic.  You might want to start by setting up some broad categories, and then make them even more specific.  You can break the ideas into groups, which will allow you to process them easier.
  • Assign leaders to the lists.  For every list that you have, you will want to have a leader to manage the list.  They will be responsible for acting on the ideas.  For instance, if you have ideas on ways to improve your website, then you will want to have a team that will be responsible for executing these ideas.
  • Set your ideas up similar to an inbox.  It is really easy to get your ideas backlogged, which is a sure fire way to miss a great opportunity.  You need to address your ideas as fast as you can.  If there are ideas that are not really feasible, you will want to go ahead and dismiss them.  There are then going to be some that will require some immediate action.

As you decide on new ideas, make sure that they are organized.  This is the best way to ensure your successful innovation down the road.