5 Myths that May Kill Your Marketing Copy

Small business owners are usually looking for ways to write great copy for their marketing efforts without having to spend an arm and a leg to have someone else write it for them.  There are a lot of steps that you can take to help you create perfect copy, but there are also some mistakes that can really destroy the message that you are trying to portray.  Here are five myths that you should be aware of.

Consumers Care About Your Business

Most consumers do not really care much about your business.  All they want to know is what they will get out of doing business with you.  They don’t care about your history, and they don’t care about your family.  Consumers want to ensure that their needs are met by doing business with you.  The key to perfect copywriting is to get the customer to see that what you have to offer will actually benefit them.  This should be the main focus of your copywriting.

You Can Use Your Copy Everywhere

Your copywriting may be used in more than one area of your business marketing, but you should not use it for everything.  If you are writing something for a billboard, it has to get across a very quick message.  If you are writing something for a mail-out, then you will want to make sure that you have included a good deal of information- but not too much or they might not read it all.  Just make sure that your copy answers their questions and prompts them to contact you.

You Can Use Your Copy for Everyone

Anyone that has been a part of the marketing world for any amount of time will understand the fact that different audiences will take things differently.  For instance, if you are writing something for customers that have already done business with you it will need to be tailored to them.  If you are writing something for potential customers, then it will need to be different.  After all, one of the targets knows what you are all about, and the other doesn’t.

You Must Sound Smart

This is not always the truth.  You will want to make sure that the tone and the language used in your copy speaks to the people who will be reading it.  If you are targeting teens, then it should be different than it would be if you are targeting seniors.  Using jargon that certain people will understand can be helpful, but it can also hurt you depending on the audience.

Writing Copy is Really Easy

Writing marketing copy is not the easiest thing in the world.  It doesn’t really have that much to do with the writing that you learned in college.  It is more about persuasion and creativity.  There are some writers that are not great at copywriting, and there are some copywriters that are not great writers.  There is a lot to learn before you will be a copywriting pro.