5 Tips for Being More Eco-Friendly

  • Small businesses should all be doing their part to become more eco-friendly.  You might want to reconsider your work practices to determine where you can save on energy emissions.  You might want to consider turning off workstations when they are not being used and changing your lighting to more energy efficient lighting.
  • When you purchase new equipment and supplies for your company, try to buy recycled items and supplies.  This can help you to help the environment around you, and it can also save you a good deal of money.  Recycled materials can also be great for those businesses that manufacture products or goods.
  • Move to the cloud for your IT needs.  The cloud is a great way to be more energy efficient.  IT can also help to cut down on the energy consumption that you use, and can reduce your carbon footprint.  It has been deemed a better option than actually running your software through your own infrastructure.
  • When you are developing key factors for the products and services that you have to offer, include the impact that it will have on the environment.  If you do this from the start, you will find yourself a lot more focused on the impact on the environment that your business has.
  • Try using integrated software systems.  This will cause you to use far less computing power, which will mean that you use less energy in the office.  Also, the developers that create the updates for your software systems will be able to use less energy.