5 Tips to Help You Manage Communication in Your Small Business

#1 All businesses should have a policy implemented that will help them to archive all communication efforts.  You won’t want to assume that employees will keep emails and posts for a period of time unless you have some regulations and guidelines set forth for them to adhere to.

#2 Look up data retention regulations and ensure that your business is in compliance with these regulations.  There are certain communication efforts, including financial records, that have to be kept for a certain amount of time.  There are also certain data protection laws in place  to protect employee records after a certain period of time.

#3 Don’t just follow policies when you want to, or when it is convenient for you to.  If you want to have success, you will want to be consistent throughout the business.  Everyone needs to be on board when it comes to communication policies and guidelines.

#4 Ensure that the guidelines that you have set forth are well communicated to all of your employees.  IF you don’t then you will likely find errors and other issues when it comes to handling all of the data.

#5 Once you have a company policy regarding communication, you want to enforce it with everyone.  Make sure that all of your employees have a full understanding when it comes to their responsibilities and archiving their communications.