A Celebrity Blogger With a Positive Attitude

As this section states, Featured Article Sometimes I meet people, see things and go places I think everyone should know about and experience for them. I’m happy to introduce my friend Tommy. He’s a blogger – the best part is about his celebrity blog it’s positive and not negative like most sites out there.

Tommy says, the power of good entertainment to uplift us during hard times, makes us think during times of need, and brings us together to help in times of crisis. I think 9-11 really made me realize how important entertainment is to us as a society and to me specifically.  It was hard to find any normal media to distract me from the constant news and stories of that horrible day.  For months after, we were deprived of any real entertaining outlets.  I missed my escape time, I missed the distraction, and I needed to smile again.

Tommy found twitter (where I found him) I found Twitter and my life would never be the same.  It connected me to like-minded people who were as interested in what I was saying and had to say.  It took all the years of misguided interest and brought it into clear perspective for him

Through this site, www.tececo71.com he strived to make his readers think about important issues and blog about celebrities  who are doing good in this world, as well as the everyday people, and to show you that you too can make a difference no matter how big or small.  He says “With our combined efforts, we can change the world, and we will”

With this philosophy in mind I was introduced to Tommy by a very dear friend of mine, who I met on twitter. Judy Lynn tweeted me and then introduced me to Tommy and a bunch of other friends like, Kirstie Alley  and one of the most beautiful women in the world, Dawn Marchi (besides Kirstie Alley), and not to forget about the always funny and wild Becky.

If you have time take a look at his blog and add all my friends to twitter, they are truly great people!