A Closer Look at Martinia Lunardelli

Martina Lunardelli was born in Pordenone (Italy) on July 7th, 1984. During her high-school studies she remains in Pordenone and, since she is extremely fond of foreign languages, she has always traveled abroad with school.

When, on her last year of high school, there was a chance to go on a 20-day school exchange to Sacramento, California, she accepted the invitation immediately. Lunardelli was off to the USA, her dream finally came true. As an 18-year-old Italian girl living her dream in Golden State, It was her  first long-distance journey which allowed her to understand how much studying foreign languages meant to her, as well as to meet her “second family”, which has turned out to be a long-term friendship.

After high school she attended her University Career, in Ca’Foscari University located in  Venice. She studied Translation and Interpreting for over 5 years and after her graduation she began her work as an employee in various companies. As time passed,  she realized that to work as an employee was not making her happy,  and in 2010, she became a freelance translator and interpreter.

Lunardelli is like many other entrepreneurs that developing their own businesses, which is usally more work than a regular job. During Lunardelli’s  life, starting from mid high school, she has always worked in different places, in order to make money so she could live independently.In adidtion, Lunardelli also teaches, apart from “regular” classes, which include security prisoners, and this experience has helped her understand and appreciate life that much more. Moreover, she finds herself involved in a friend’s company and she travels for work to “hot” countries like Libya, Algeria, Iraq. She fells in love with Iraq, and she is inspired and touched by amazing natural landscapes but most of all by human culture.

Her translation and interpreting services are directed to all businesses who understand the great importance of going online bilingual, to all those people who need to translate his/her book, to all the ones who need help in Italian, English and Spanish communication.

In 2012 she also started contributing to the CNN iReport family, writing small articles answering CNN assignments. Not only does Lunardelli write for CNN, but she enjoys the Nature and of Poetry. She reads poems in English when she studies in high school and, in 1999, she starts writing her own. Nevertheless, she never shows them to anyone, because she thinks her work is not worthy. The urge to write down her feelings and what she perceives when in different situations or locations is too strong, and she continues to scribble down her poems in her old notebook. This writing continues up to date.

The answers Lunardelli receives are encouraging and she accepts the challenge of participating to poetry contests in Italy. Lunardelli finds out that publishers like her work, but (even though she found out some of the famous Italian publishers work just to make money) the most important thing is that she understands that people who start reading her printed book call her and tell her to go on, that she has something good in her hands. This is when she sees the light, and she sees that the truth is she loves writing, she has actually always written something, short stories, poems… and this is when she sees that she loves writing in English.

After the first (paying) publishing experience, she decided (under the supervision of a good friend and great writer Guido Mattioni) to go independent and publish her first poetry book entirely in English. In October she has been asked to participate in the Art for the Environment cultural event in East River Park, Manhattan, NYC, reading a part of her poems in English, from the book Drifting Away available on Smashwords.com.