A Closer Look at the Wealthiest Canadians

Sure, everyone is familiar with the wealthiest Americans, but what about the wealthiest Canadians?  Canadian Business put out a top 100 list of the richest Canadians.  Here, you will see a closer look at the top ten.

#1 Thomas Family – This family is by far the wealthiest Canadian family.  In fact, they are among the richest families in the entire world.  They control a global media company known as Thompson Reuters.  They are worth about $21.99 billion.

#2 James (JK) Arthur, John Irving – The Irving Family located in Atlantic Canada started up the well known oil company known as Irving Oil.  They own a plethora of different gas stations, oil refineries, ship building business, trucking businesses, and media companies in Atlantic Canada.  They are worth about $7.28 billion.

#3 Galen Weston – Ever heard of Loblaws?  Most Canadians have! It is one of the largest grocery chains in Canada.  Also in this family you find Real Canadian Super Store and No Frills.  Most Canadians do their grocery shopping at one of these stores.  They are owned by Mr. Weston.  He is worth about $6.47 billion.

#4 Jimmy Pattison – Jim owns a variety of different car dealerships, Ripley museums, media companies, and coal export companies.  He is from Vancouver, Canada.  He is worth about $5.07 billion.

#5 Rogers Family – The Rogers family runs cable, Internet, and telephone divisions across Canada.  With cable bills steadily on the rise, it is clear that they would be very wealthy.  They are worth about $4.7 billion.

#6 Paul Desmarais Sr – Paul owns both Power Corp and Power Financial, which are large insurance companies and financial companies across Canada.  He is worth about $4.28 billion.

#7 Barry Sherman – Barry is the Chairman and CEO of Canada’s largest generic drug manufacturing company, Aptoex, Inc.  He is worth about $3.85 billion.

#8 David Azrieli – David is a reknown designer, architect, developer and builder.  He is among the top of them firms in his particular field.  He is worth about $3.73 billion.

#9 Jeff Skoll – Jeff was born in Canada, and is an engineer and a businessman.  He was the second employee hired by eBay, and he was also the first president of the company.  He is worth about $3.59 billion.

#10 Fred and Ron Mannix – The Mannix brothers run The Mancal Group.  Back in 1997, they sold their energy interests for upwards of $2 billion.  They still do private investments in certain oil and gas exploration efforts, coal, real estate, and private portfolio management.

Each of these successful Canadians has one thing in common- they enjoy the work that they do.  That means a lot when it comes to success.