A Great Asset Protection Book

One of the best asset protection books currently on the market is Asset Protection: What If? By James T. White. A comprehensive review of protecting assets from lawsuits and crooked creditors, this book can help you as an enterprising entrepreneur not to get caught in a trap and lose all of your assets. Small business owners rarely consider asset protection, but this book explains how important it truly is, and the steps necessary to ensure that you are protected.

About the Author

James T. White is a self-made millionaire who was born in Calgary, Canada in 1985. He has been successful in many areas of life: as an entrepreneur, business adviser, motivational speaker, and author. By age sixteen, his company, J & W Corporate, had made him a millionaire.At the age of only 25, White became the youngest CEO ever to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. He has written five books about his experiences.

Writing the Book

Asset protection was not really something that crossed James White’s mind. After all, he was a successful young businessman who was engaged in running his own corporation; however, disaster struck. White’s CFO managed to take all of White’s assets and leave him holding a pile of bills and the account books. Through much hard work and the aid of many staunch friends, White was able to return to prosperity, but he since has made his goal to teach you how to protect your business, money, retirement, and dreams through asset protection.

What is Asset Protection?

If you own a business or become wealthy and successful, odds are that at some point someone will try to take your money through the legal system. Asset protection allows you to protect your money from seizure by creditors and the courts. In legal phrasing, it is specifically techniques and strategies that are utilized to protect personal and business assets from financial litigation, lawsuits, and judgments. If something were to go wrong and someone sues you, you need to make sure they cannot drain you dry. White’s Asset Protection: What If?will teach you how in simple, easy to follow language.

How to Protect Your Money

White’s book takes a step-by-step path in showing you how to protect your money. This 108-page book shows many examples of asset protection. White begins by illustrating two main types of asset protection: domestic and offshore.  Domestically, you can protect your money by creating an LLC or FLP, which stops courts from being able to obtain the assets directly. By creating another company offshore in another country, this keeps your assets in a place that is untouchable. These secrets and many more are presented in White’s comprehensive guide, a must have for any enterprising businessman.

Asset Protection: What If?is a superb book for anyone who wants to keep his money safe. Asset protection is like insurance: you do not want to think about it first after something bad happens. Rarely is it necessary to pay the thousands of dollars to large asset protection corporations to protect your money; rather, following the simple instructions in White’s book will allow you to protect your hard-earned money.