Why Spamming My Linkedin Inbox is Bad for Your Business

Ok, I’m sure you have been spammed at least once if you have an account on LinkedIn. Let me guess, it was done by either a “long term” online contact that you never actually met, or it’s actually someone you know well.  Either way, it’s an instant neon credibility sign flashing LOSER over their heads!

Why do these people do it? Well, people who SPAM your inbox with messages like “Opportunity” or “Best Kept Secret” are trying to get your attention to sell you their products or services, but in reality what they consider a “smart” marketing strategy simply makes me cringe. The most frustrating part about these messages, though, is that I will repeatedly report spammers and yet LinkedIn still allows them to spam away at my inbox. Why even have “report as spam” buttons at all?

Not only do I report spam, but I also remove the culprits from my contacts shortly after writing them a brief message on how unprofessional and tacky their “marketing strategy” is. Perhaps I could get through to them, but the more logical explanation is that I need to let off a little steam. Just think of all of the lost business they could have if they weren’t forcing themselves into our inboxes like some pushy, two bit used car salesman with greasy palms.

No, I prefer receiving real proposals for business deals like, “Hey James, can I talk to you for a minute? We have a business idea that I’d like to share.” Not someone trying to sell me on the next BIG lotion or potion.

So for all of you spammers out there with the next big thing: if you use LinkedIn, make sure you use common sense and keep it professional; after all, if you want to spam someone stick to regular email marketing where your “proposal” will end up where it belongs, in the SPAM folder.