American Treaty Visas for Investors

Are you interested in starting a business or making a large business investment in the United States? The United States has commerce and navigation treaties with over 70 countries around the world. As part of these treaties, the US government has created a visa program for foreign businessmen and women that are making substantial investments within the United States.

These visas are called E1 and E2 visas, and they are for international traders and investors. Though they are typically granted for one to two years, E1 and E2 visas can be granted for as long as five years depending on the individual and the nature of the investment. Because the United States government wants to foster trade and investment with foreign countries, they have made these visas available so that foreign investors can directly manage and observe their investments from inside the United States. If you are interested in making this type of investment, this visa can be a fantastic opportunity for you.

How to Qualify for E1 and E2 Visas

In order to receive an E2 investor visa, you must be making a substantial investment in the United States. Though the US government has not set a minimum dollar amount, we recommend that you make an investment worth at least $100,000, with $50,000 being the absolute minimum. If you are interested in an E2 visa, but have not been able to find a worthwhile investment opportunity, James Timothy White and his team can help.

As an experienced entrepreneur and business broker, James Timothy White has knowledge of several unique business opportunities across the United States, and he can help you select one based on your own needs and preferences. In fact, he can help arrange up to 90% financing on select US businesses, helping you quickly set up your business with lower upfront capital.

When evaluating E2 visa applications, the US government likes to see investors who have already put some money at risk. James Timothy White and his team can help you arrange financing and structure the type of investment that the government is looking for, so that you can quickly get your visa application approved and processed.

Starting a business in the United States can be an incredible opportunity. James Timothy White has a number of businesses and franchises for sale that can help you quickly turn a significant profit and obtain residence in the United States. Contact us today for more information.