Apps that Will Help to Keep You On Track and On Time

Many entrepreneurs are hard pressed for time.  For this reason, it is important to set a calendar with your appointments and important tasks.  It doesn’t take much for you to get behind or miss something that is important.  There are a variety of different apps that can help to keep us on track and on time.  This helps with productivity as well.

If you have a hard time staying on task or being late for things, then you might want to try one of these great apps.

This is a free time management app that can help you organize important appointments and to-do lists into a manageable list.  You can drag and drop them to prioritize them.  You can also swipe the tasks to mark them complete.  Clearing items is also very easy, you simply shake your device.


This is an all in one app that can help you have better control of your schedule.  It can help you to organize your tasks and become more productive.  This app will cost you $2.99 for the full version, but it is definitely worth it as it syncs with your email and your calendar.  You can filter your tasks and meetings according to their priority as well.  There is also an alarm feature to help remind you of meetings and important tasks.

Leave Now

This is a free app that can help keep you on track for your meetings.  It will tell you exactly when you need to leave in order to make it on time.  It will give you a reminder message telling you when to leave.  This app uses your GPS service to calculate the traffic, no matter what transportation you use.  If you are running late, you can even schedule it to send a text that says that you are on your way.


For just $1.99, this app will offer you a very user-friendly interface that can help to keep you on track.  You can create certain alarms to keep you on time for your events.  You can set the alarm to recur by the minute, hour, day, week or month.  There are over 25 different alarm sounds to choose from.