Are There Any Good Small Business Associations?

Are There Any Good Small Business Associations?

For anyone who has ever started a small business, it can be quite a daunting process. From registering the business to filing tax returns or even dealing with employees, many small business owners are often not sure where to turn when they need support. This is why it is important for them to belong to at least one small business association. By belonging to a small business association, they can also enjoy the benefit of being able to network with other business owners.

Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI)

This small business association helps small businesses by supporting the development and growth of them in various ways. They ensure that businesses are kept updated with regards to developments and changes in various business industries. They also strive to improve the amount of resources that are available to their members by developing new partnerships with other organizations in the public and private sectors as well as other businesses who they feel will be beneficial to their members.

U.S. Small Business Administration

Located in the US, this small business association has assisted various business owners with aspects such as obtaining startup loans, landing government work contracts and even counseling sessions for small business owners who aren’t sure where to start with getting their businesses off the ground. A great deal of the training on offer is free or at a very low cost which ensures that it is affordable for new business owners. This small business association offers advice on how to obtain various forms of financing ranging from micro loans to funding and venture capital for much larger enterprises.

Small Business Association Canada

This is a non-profit small business association that aims to assist Canadians who want to start their own business. Assistance is provided by this small business association in the form of face to face networking opportunities and workshops, mentoring and coaching (for members only), discounts on services and products that are supplied by members and sponsors of the SBA-Canada and even planned social events where members can get together and build strong relationships with one another. Members also have an opportunity to sign up as committee or board members of this small business association.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)

This is another small business association that offers numerous resources to assist its members such as assistance with regards to labor laws and tax issues. They have successfully managed to assist with increasing small business tax thresholds, reduce employment insurance premiums and even increase the lifetime capital gains exemption bracket. All of this means that this small business association has managed to save its members thousands of dollars each year on business related expenses. They also offer privilege programs which give their members discounts on certain essential services such as banking fees, telecommunication costs and card payment processing facilities.

National Small Business Association

For the past 75 years, The National Small Business Association has been committed to being if any assistance they can to small businesses in the US. They have been instrumental in getting congress to approve funding for small businesses in the form of loans. This small business association has also lobbied for the reduction of debit card processing fees for small businesses and they are also instrumental in helping small business owners gain access to affordable health care for themselves as well as their employees.

California Small Business Association (CSBA)

The California Small Business Association is a non-profit organization run by volunteers who have the best interests of small business owners at heart. They ensure that members are kept up to date regarding any assistance that is available to them through government funding or other programs that may be beneficial to their businesses. Members of this small business association can also receive free advice from fellow members regarding various business-related issues. This association is also affiliated with the California Small Business Roundtable which comprises membership of 40 of the most influential business owners in California.

Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA)

Representing over 10,000 businesses throughout Arizona, this is the largest association in the state that represents small business owners. Because of their buying power, this small business association is able to pass on substantial discounts on office supplies, credit card processing fees, payroll processing and safety training through to their members. Job training that is available through this small business association includes dealing with topics such as project management, sales, customer service, business finance, information technology and human resources. In some instances, small business owners will also qualify for partial reimbursement for employee training-related expenses.

United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

This is the largest independent organization in the world that is dedicated to assisting small business owners with the various aspects of entrepreneurship. Members have the opportunity to be included in the USASBE Member Directory, thus increasing their networking abilities. They are also able to interact with other entrepreneurs in similar fields of business and receive advice from them while also receiving access to the association’s small business center online. Those who join this small business association also receive automatic membership to the International Council for Small Business (ICSB). Subscriptions to various entrepreneurship publications are also included in membership packages.

Women’s Small Business Association

Located in Pennsylvania, the Women’s Small Business Association is an extremely valuable resource to women who are entrepreneurs. Only female business owners are allowed to be a part of this association. They offer multiple networking opportunities for business women which will be beneficial in helping them to grow their businesses. Members enjoy exclusive networking events such as a cruise coupled with a conference which provides an excellent networking opportunity. The good news about these events is the fact that because they are business-related, they are also tax-deductible.

No matter what type of small business you are starting up, there is sure to be a small business association that will be able to offer you the support you need at a cost that is easily affordable.