Are You Limiting Your SEO by Focusing on a Single Traffic Source?

A big mistake that many businesses make when they are focusing on their SEO is by only considering Google.  You should also focus on your rankings on the other search engines.  Google is definitely the most popular search engine, but the others are used often by some people.  This will help you to reach a larger audience.  Bing and Yahoo are not always considered at the top of the list, but if you take them into consideration you can really boost your SEO.  Here are a few reasons that you shouldn’t limit yourself to Google:

Well Rounded SEO

You will want to make sure that the traffic to your site is well rounded.  If all of the traffic on your site comes from a single source, then you might find it difficult to recover if they search engine drops your rankings.  Focus on the bigger picture and don’t put all of your eggs into the same basket.  Try to get traffic from the search engines and other sources for a well rounded SEO program.

Audience Demographic

The demographics for the popular search engines are usually going to be pretty solid.  You will sometimes find that you have more rounded visitor demographics if you take the time to focus on more than one traffic source.  Most people that know a lot about SEO will know that the demographics can change in an instant when you make small changes to your strategy.  The demographics of your visitors is definitely something that you should deem valuable.

Growth Potential

If you target more traffic sources, you will have a lot more growth potential.  When it comes to the search engines, you might target a certain keyword.  When you have a YouTube account, you can market to a whole channel, which can really bring in a lot of unique visitors to your site.  Targeting the different platforms will bring you a much larger growth potential.

When you find more targets for getting traffic to your site, you will want to make sure that you focus on them and make the most of them.  This will really help when it comes to making your site more profitable.