Are Your Products Really Made in Canada?

Most businesses that manufacture their products locally will want to label them as being “Made in Canada”.  This is usually in an attempt to increase the number of sales made.  A lot of consumers are making conscious efforts to purchase foods and products that are made in Canada.  Some of them hope to get a better quality product, and many others just want to support their local economy.  Then, there are those that only purchase foods that are grown close to home for health and environmental reasons.

What does it mean when your products are “Made in Canada”? Does it mean that the products are put together in Canada?  Does it mean that they are distilled in Canada?  Actually, according to the labeling regulations in Canada, goods that are only put together or distilled in Canada cannot be labeled as “Made in Canada”.  This should be accurately labeled on the package so it is not misleading.

Products that are designed or produced in Canada can be labeled as such, but “Made in Canada” should only be used when the goods are made solely in Canada out of resources and materials that are found in Canada.  When determining the origin of your goods when there are foreign components in question, there are rules that must be followed:

  • The last transformation of the said goods has to have occurred within Canadian territories
  • More than half of the cost of creating the products is Canadian

To determine how to label your goods in compliance with the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, make sure that you discuss your options with a business attorney.