Asking for A Raise?

I’m too scared to ask for a raise! What are some things I can do around the office to motivate my boss into noticing me?

I’m assuming this question does not include the “working hard” solution? Truth be told, there are some tricks that can put you on the top of the boss’ list, without working your fingers to the bone, or even being the staff suck-up. If you work in an office environment, always be on time and keep an active, up-to-date schedule of what you’re working on. That way if you are ever interrogated about a project you worked on three weeks ago, you can spill out details as if the project meant a lot to you! As well, many offices will re-evaluate compensation at your annual performance review. If they don’t, then mention it, chances are they won’t fire you for asking.

Get to know your boss, even if it means spending time out of the workplace. This will depend on the boss you have, but it will not only give you an advantage in knowing what they are looking for specifically, but it will let him or her know that you take a personal interest in their life. Remember not to get too personal, however, you don’t want to overstep any boundaries!

And if you run your own business, then you are your own boss, so stop reading and give yourself a raise already!