Balancing Work and a Personal Life

Balancing your work and personal life is a really important factor in the workplace.  If you cannot find that perfect balance, it can prove to be quite stressful.  What are some ways that you can provide yourself the balance that you need in order to be productive at work and home?

First of all, be aware of the fact that working extra hours does not mean that you will get more work accomplished.  You should set an example in the workplace by getting your employees to only work extra hours when it is absolutely necessary.  Offer flexible hours to your employees when possible by splitting shifts and offering shared jobs.  If this is not possible, then you should at least motivate your employees to focus on a balance of work and personal time.

Here are tips for creating that perfect balance:

  • Separate work from your personal life
  • Have a priority list for work and home life
  • Create a planner to schedule your activities for both work and home
  • Delegate tasks whenever possible
  • Only accept tasks you are sure you can finish
  • Make sure that you exercise and focus on healthy nutrition

Here are a few benefits for encouraging a balanced work and personal life:

  • Fewer days missed at work
  • More productivity in the workplace
  • Better morale at work and at home
  • Less stress
  • Lower turnover rates