Bringing Employees to the US with an E1/E2 Visa

The most difficult part of obtaining an E1 or E2 visa is determining and then proving that your investment is substantial and already at risk in the United States. To do this, you must submit a number of financial and legal documents to the US Consulate, and this process can take from four to six weeks.

However, once you have gotten approval for your own visa, getting visas for your employees is much simpler. Being able to bring some of your best workers and advisors can help you better manage your business and improve its performance, so this may be a very attractive option for you. The E1/E2 visa program allows employee visas for executives/managers and essential workers.

Executives and Managers

These are individuals who will help you develop and direct your investment in America. When submitting their Form DS-156E, make sure they include a resume that shows their management experience as well as a letter of support from you.

Essential Workers

The US government also allows visas for essential workers, but there are more requirements. You will have to prove:

  1. The position can’t be filled by a US worker.
  2. The individual is uniquely suited for the position.
  3. US employees will eventually be trained to take on this position.

Great Business Opportunities with Amazing Financing

Before you can bring your most trusted employees with you, you’ll have to make sure that your US enterprise meets all the requirements set forth by USCIS. It’s important that you get professional help to identify an appropriate business opportunity, so that you can avoid making a bad investment. Fortunately, James Timothy White and his team can help you select an enterprise that best fits your needs. James Timothy White has a number of franchises and other businesses for sale that have strong potential for success and should meet the USCIS requirements.

In addition, James Timothy White can help foreign nationals access financing of up to 90% for select businesses. This can help you begin your new US enterprise with little upfront capital, so that you can quickly get it operational as you prepare your visa materials and apply for your E1 or E2 visa. Contact us for more information.