Why We All Need A Business Development Expert

Whether you are a small business owner or the head of a corporation, networking is a vital part of expanding your operation; it creates lasting relationships which allow your company to prosper. However, networking can be tricky, so you may need a business networking expert to help you along. There are many such consultants on the market, but James Timothy White is uniquely credentialed to help you get exactly the results your company needs to thrive.

How Important Is Networking?

Networking is a mutually beneficial relationship between two professionals or businesses. Whenever you need a product or service which your business cannot provide internally, it’s nice to have a contact who can direct you into making the best decision on how to get it. By maintaining a full, flourishing network, you will have access to services and opportunities as the need for them arises. Additionally, it’s possible to use your contacts to get a hold of inside information, get better deals on whatever expenses you have, and help facilitate many kinds of negotiations.

What Does A Business Networking Expert Do?

Networking doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? Just go out and talk to people who have what you need, and agree to trade services. However, networking can be a very involved process. Where should you go to find contacts? How do you strike up a conversation? There are other stumbling blocks that come up for some. People who are shy or bad with names may need some extra coaching in how to approach others. Refining your approach, helping you find networking opportunities, and ensuring your networking is as beneficial as possible is the job of a business networking expert.

Why Choose James Timothy White?

White has years of experience in many different aspects of business. He started at the age of 12, with a lawn care and snow removal business, and since then, he has continuously worked to improve his business sense. From those precocious beginnings, he has gone on to become the founder and owner of many companies, a consultant, and motivational speaker. He has been referred to by clients as their “secret weapon”, and his skillfulness in all the different aspects of business has been a vital tool in many company’s arsenals.

James Timothy White’s Accomplishments

James Timothy White is a successful entrepreneur who has grown and sold several businesses. He made his first million by the age of 16 and in 2010, became the youngest CEO to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Eventually, he realized that his incredible skill was something he could use to help small business owners to create thriving companies. He has passed this knowledge on through speaking engagements all over Canada and has published five books detailing his experiences and strategies.

With years of business experience behind him, White is a business networking expert who can make your time spent networking both efficient and effective. Don’t spend your time worrying about how to spend your time most effectively during a networking session; rely on a successful leader in international business to show you the ropes.