Business Start Up Book by James Timothy White

Starting a successful business is a dream that millions of people share, yet many fail miserably at doing so. Even extremely successful executives have had countless failures in their pursuit of more power, money, and respect. Starting a successful business was never designed to be easy. You have to make it easy. Sure, it is possible for you to file the proper paperwork, get aloan from the bank, or even save up and use your own capital. You can use your life and social savvy to succeed and manage to acquire customers in whatever business opportunity you have decided to explore. You can readRich Dad books from your local bookstore, or read some Dale Carnegie to flesh out your social business knowledge. You can ask for advice from people you trust, and come fully prepared into a world where self-sustaining income isn’t just a dream from a self-help book, but a reality.

Before you tackle all this, you have to determine if this is you. Ask yourself, is your goal respect? Money? Do you just want the top office, in the tallest building, in a massive city? If these are your goals and dreams, you may be starting a small business for the wrong reasons. I will let you decide.

Ultimately, you will need that decisiveness, that penultimate goal that will drive all your business endeavors. For some, it is obtaining a large house and a personal golf course. For others, it is obtaining financial comfort without a necessity for the grandiose. Some want to get their family through college and others simply do not want to work a “real” job.

Starting a small business in any industry is not meant to be easy. The ability to start a business and make it successful takes a certain type of person. I believe you already know who you are, and if you are reading this book, I am confident you are that type of person.

However, you must have a goal. Of course, this is already a theme throughout all of life, but particularly so in business. Consider goals as tiers. You have the final goal, and then have large goals below that, you have monthly goals, and perhaps much smaller goals you want to accomplish that day. However you want to structure it, goals are both a measuring stick and a motivator. When you start a small business, the only one who cares about that business as much as you do is, well, you. People may motivate you, but the greatest motivator is you and your goals. Never underestimate the power of focus and goals, and design a healthy goal environment that keeps you in some sort of control.

Starting a business is intimidating, because it is not the traditional thing to do. Sure, it is getting more normal as time goes on, but many people look at starting a business as something of a delusion, something that dreamers do. They may support you haphazardly, but it may not be as much as you would like.

Who cares!

Starting a business is an amazing adventure, even if you fail. You take the knowledge you obtained, and try again. A typical business millionaire starts 15 businesses before they became a millionaire. The author of the best-selling absurdly popular young adult series Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, was rejected roughly one hundred times before someone took a chance on her book – but she never gave up.

  • You have heard all this before, butit is worth reiterating. There is no reason to give up.
  • With that said, there is no reason you cannot turn your business ideas into a reality.
  • Yes, that means that money should not be a reason not to pursue your dreams.

Any business medium can be tackled with a small budget. Money becomes one of the main excuses for someone not starting a business, and this is disappointing. Do not use the money as an excuse not to commit to a dream! Starting a small business can be a life-changing adventure, and has the ability to accomplish many life goals. There is a certain passion that can be obtained through being a self-made business owner, and more and more people are realizing this.

This, naturally, becomes the core of this book. So let’s assume you are that type of person who wants to succeed by starting their own business, and let’s assume that you want to follow through and commit to this choice. You have one hundred dollars in your pocket at best. This is your starting capital. This is the money you WILL need, as our culture runs on money and without at least this beginning, you will struggle. We start with $100 because it is not a large amount and is feasible. With your business savvy, you should be able to accumulate this on the side for a new business. Consider this a trial run.

In addition to your $100, let’s assume that you have a computer and access to the Internet. Even though there are libraries just about anywhere, where you can have access to the Internet, but in order to succeed on a high level, this is a necessity.

Finally, you have a car. Of course, using public transportation may suffice, but transportation is necessary. You want to be able to explore what the world has to offer around every block, and helping to make your business succeed.

With a car, a computer, and $100, every business creation is feasible. This book highlights different aspects of business ranging from arts and crafts to the unique business formats imaginable. Starting a business is exciting and memorable, and can be a fantastic opportunity to explore the world, and yourself. This book is not about running a billion dollar multinational, or retaining profit margins through the fiscal quarter. We are concerned about getting a business started, and with $100, a computer, and a car, you are well on your way to being a business owner.

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