Business Under $100 – Mobile Car – Wash and Detailing

People love the word “Mobile.” Not only does it almost always mean “we will come to you” but it saves time. And people, for one reason or another, LOVE their time. They love their time as much, if not more, than their money. This is why they are willing to spend MORE to save their precious TIME. This is a clear and poignant understanding that most businesses try to take advantage of when exploring their options in the field. Mobile car wash businesses sort of have this figured out, and they exploit the desire to save time with the desire to have clean things.

No one really wants to go out of their way to get a car cleaned. Other things develop, or laziness takes over, depending on the type of person. But ultimately an extra stop is extra spending of time. And without the little ones to enjoy the run through the huge spinning brushes from a car wash, the whole task is a momentous chore (that lasts about 10 minutes on average).
With the excess of automobiles in society, it is standard that each house holds two, if not three vehicles. This allows a mobile car wash company room to excavate and find customers. Of course, the desire to have a clean car is a niche demand. Not all car customers by default want to have their car clean. But the mobility of this business structure gives you an edge over more traditional car washes that have a more grounded approach. With the proper team, the proper equipment, and the proper strategy, a mobile car wash business is manageable.

The greatest strength in exploring this business venture comes from two things, and that is your ability to converse and communicate with people, and your ability to clean cheaply and fast. With only a small budget, obtaining the proper equipment is virtually impossible. If you do not have someone to donate the high quality equipment, such as a power wash, vacuum cleaner, or the high cost chemicals it takes too properly and effective fully detail a car, those expectations will not be fulfilled. Starting a mobile car wash business without these eccentricities is difficult. But use your budget to purchase the proper equipment, until you no longer stretch yourself thin. With $100, you can manage a used car vacuum which can be used to tackle most of the larger mess held within the car. The remaining of your budget can be used to acquire cleaning chemicals, as well as miscellaneous needs, such as power cleaning fluid, wash rags, and disinfectants.

With your small army of tools, you are now able to competently clean a vehicle. Firstly, research mobile car cleaners in the area, and charge a better price. This way, you offset the fact that you are a one man army with less equipment with the fact that you charge less. If you do a great job, a customer may be willing to give you additional for your efforts. Be willing to clean cheap, and you will establish a bankroll that can afford you to charge higher rates.

To begin, find out what type of customers would be interested in such a business. High School car washes for the sports team and church clubs are impeccable at hosting car washes to raise money for charity. Perhaps venturing around these events and asking what type of customers are interested in car washes, can do a lot in narrowing your marketing demographic. The church can also help you establish your name, and may even hire you to clean at their next local car wash. The pay may be measly, if at all, but the idea is to act as an overseer on a car washing project. Meeting customers who are already getting their car washed is excellent in establishing a future of transactions with them.

Because of the nature of the business being mobile, you will need a car. With that said, always keep your car in top form visually. Never excuse some mud or poor visibility windows. If a customer sees you come t their home or office in a mediocre vehicle with cleaning issues, they would have a hard time supposing you can do a proper job. Your travelling vehicle is your marketing.

Do not pretend you can do the job the fastest or the best in your advertising and pitching to potential customers. Mobile cleaning warrants you to do a high quality job, and you can do that. Do not charge for extra time. Do not ask for any equipment. Be polite as possible and tell them you can come back again at a lower rate. Many people will honor that and take advantage of the offering, and may even pay you a rate they feel you deserve for your hard work.

Of course, the goal isn’t to always be cleaning vehicles manually. Getting your own office and finding employees who are mobile, are all valuable goals in establishing yourself at the top of the pyramid.

A car wash and detailing isn’t really just that. People, for a variety of reasons, truly adore their vehicle. They feel it as a representation of their own standards and standing in life. Cleaning and detailing a car with competence, confidence, and class is a great way to connect with someone on a closer level. As well, the mobile aspect requires you to go to their home. At their home, detailing their car, you are about as intimate as you can get considering the circumstances. This closeness establishes a trust that can work wonders for your future developments in the mobile car washing business.