Why You Should Buy—Not Start—a Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a business may seem like a goal worth pursuing. However, you should consider why buying one is usually a much better idea.

Starting a Business Is a Huge Risk

Buying a business in no way ensures that you’ll be successful. But when you compare the risks involved with starting a business to buying one, there isn’t much of a comparison at all. So long as you do your research, buying a business means taking on all the assets you’ll need in order for it to be profitable and knowing full-well that there’s a market for what your company will be providing. A lot of times, you can even rely on a certain amount of consulting from the former-owner.

Unless you’re someone who truly thrives on the adrenaline rush of risk or simply believes there is no business out there like the one they have in mind, the stress of trying to start your own company just isn’t worth it. Buying and running one will provide more than enough risk for most.

You Can Use a Broker

If you want to cut down on your risk even more, get a broker involved. An experienced broker will ensure you get the best possible business for your money and one that matches your personality and goals. The world of business startups doesn’t have the same type of service available. You can ask around and read books about how to start the right business for you, but there aren’t a lot of people who get paid to help you make that decision and then guide you through the startup process.

Buying One Is Easier

As we touched on, buying a business essentially means you get all the necessary moving parts in order to succeed. You’ll potentially receive everything from its brand recognition to the lease for the building it’s in to the employees to its intellectual property. All you need to do is continue down the path as the last owner and look for ways to improve.

Starting your own business means you’ll need to acquire all those essential assets we just listed plus more. While it’s debatable which will be more affordable, there’s no argument over which way is going to be easier (this convenience also means less time between you and bringing in revenue).

Although starting a business has long been the American dream, simply buying one is usually a much smarter version. Take your time finding the right one and your path to success will be much easier.