Calgary Business Development Expert

If you own a business, but your marketing strategies simply aren’t as effective as you’d like, a business development expert may be just what’s needed to start your business growing again. There are dozens of these consultants available, but James Timothy White offers a unique set of skills that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

What Business Development Experts Can Do For You

Strictly speaking, business development experts are supposed to bring in more clients to your enterprise. This sounds like just plain marketing, but business development experts do more. In addition to your standard marketing work, these experts can create a bridge between your marketing and production teams. They help decide the direction your business should take, and use the marketing data to guide your company’s growth. Sometimes this takes the form of creating stronger relationships within the company, or finding new, untested markets to try your product or service in.

When do You Need a Business Development Expert?

If your company is struggling even though you have a great product, and your marketing department is running full out, it may be time to call in a development expert to figure out where the kinks in your system are. By targeting their attention at bringing in new clients, as well as smoothing out any wrinkles in your interoffice cooperation, you can see an increase in business as well as smoother operations and innovations in your industry. You can’t be expected to know anything. If you know you need a bit more help, hiring some businesses development experts may be right for you.

James Timothy White You’re Small Business Expert

A five time published author with most of his work dedicated to an array of business topics, this man is a resource that is eager to take on the challenges of any business, large or small. With experience as a motivational speaker, as well as a top business owner, he is ready to find the weaknesses in any marketing plan and communicate his solutions in a way that you can understand. This will increase your revenue, and allow you to expand into areas you would never have dreamed of.

James Timothy White’s History of Excellence

James Timothy White had made his first million before the age of 16, due in part to the landscaping and snow removal business he started at the age of 12. But James wasn’t content with just this one company, and so he started and maintained successful company after successful company, eventually becoming the youngest CEO listed on the Frankfurt Stock exchange. He then went on to share all of what he had learned to small business owners, through speeches and books, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs keep their dreams alive with his techniques.

When you hire James, you have decades of business knowledge, and what’s more, business wisdom at your fingertips. With the several small and large businesses he has founder, ran and sold, he’s well versed in all of the pitfalls and troubles that a company can have. For expert business advice, hire James Timothy White today.