Calgary Welder Making Big Moves

Need a stainless steel bowl fixed so that it meets food grade standards for a bakery? Call a welder.

Need someone to crawl under your truck and fix a broken shock mount? Call a welder.

Need someone to provide support to your roof so that it can sustain the weight of an HVAC system? Call a welder.

Need someone to fix the steel supports on an oil and gas rig? Call a welder.

“Every business, no matter what it is, needs a welder,” explains Scott Weaver, the owner and founder of Weaves Industries. Right now, Weaver is about to build a bunch of roll off waste management bins (garbage bins). But the company does just about every type of construction and repair work that you can think of. “If it’s a form of metal, we’ve got you covered,” his website ( notes. Weaver does all kinds of repairs to trucks, including repairing hydraulic components, shock mounts, suspension, and frames. He does industrial plant maintenance. He even does commercial kitchen repairs, which become necessary when heat stress causes steel to wear out, become warped, or break the welds. (When working in kitchens, Weaves Industries uses smaller equipment that is better suited to dealing with more delicate parts. The equipment is cleaned after every use and kept up to food grade standards.)

Weaver can typically head out to a workplace in and around the Calgary area in less than 24 hours. “I trained with the Marines,” says Weaver, “and they taught me to deploy. You just have prepare.” The key to this preparation is trucks that have everything they need on board and ready to roll. “If something breaks down, we have that part,” says Weaver. “We never say we can’t do your job because of some little part. We come with everything.”

Weaver doesn’t let speed of deployment affect workplace safety, however. A safety professional with 20 years of experience, he is just about to complete his certification as a Nationally Certified Construction Safety Officer (NCSO). He won’t let the speed of the work affect quality control, either. “I can build you something that you’re only going to pay me for once – and it’s going to last forever and ever,” he says with pride. Welders at Weaves Industries are certified and ticketed as grade “B” pressure welders – meaning they have undergone extensive training and testing through the Canadian Welding Bureau.

Weaver also takes pride in having an ethnically diverse work crew – all Native American, at the moment, except for one Filipino. “That all happened by chance,” Weaver says. “We didn’t plan it that way.”

Though Weaver has operated his own welding business since 2007, it’s been this year that the company has really taken off. “We’re on a hiring spree,” Weaver says – something many construction workers are glad to hear in the middle of a recession economy. Weaver is hopeful that the expansion will make it possible for him to take jobs in other countries (he works in all sorts of locations around the globe, from Colombia to Indonesia) without having to neglect customers at home in Calgary.

Remember, says Weaver: “Everybody at some time in their life will need a welder.”