Child Care – a Business Under $100

child careChildren are adorable. They can’t draw very well, they have big mouths, and they always want to drink juice, play ridiculous games, and mildly destroy just about everything in the house. But they have huge smiles (sometimes) and are often extremely charming. And for all your business needs, there is a constant influx of children being born and adding to the popular pool of demand.

Setting up in any place with people will just about do, for the child care industry.

Of course, that brings the problem of competition to an all new high, but the practice of finding the right area to a record low. A child care business is interesting, but you should understand the structure of the business before ever diving too deep into bringing this idea to reality.

There are clear problems with creating a child care service. When dealing with children, you naturally have many oversights and restrictions. A facility of your own is absolutely comically expensive, and being able to house all these children brings about regulatory issues that can make anyone jump for the exit door. Though you may want to use your own home, keep in mind that the state instructs limits on how many children can be housed in the same building. Once you hit 4-5+ children, you may have no choice but to take the dive to a greater external facility.

This is expensive.

The demand for child care services is wide and withstanding, but the price to be that available and constructive is simply higher than most can handle.

Fortunately, the structure of the business gives you plenty of room to move. Though there is tough competition (and lots of bad competition) the nature of the business is almost peculiarly limited. Many child care centers do not offer weekend service or even night service. This is limited to the “babysitting” market. But formal day care service over the weekend and past 6pm is oddly limited. And this leaves an open gap for opportunity. By riding this original area of child care service you will likely maneuver yourself above most competition, who strictly offers day care for four days or week and during school-type hours.

The best way to succeed in the child care industry is by establishing what your competition lacks, and filling that void. It is suggested you do research and talk to parents on what type of services and attributes that is missing from their own child care. If parents are absolutely interested in night care, then provide overnight care. This sounds obvious, but it is an essential step that is often missed. You have to establish what is most desired, and act on that.

Of course, with a small budget, you are no apt at getting your own facility. With a small budget, use it solely on obtaining a child care license. You can obtain this from your state online, and it will cost a hefty penny. But once obtained, you validate your credibility as a “professional.”

After this, it is simply a matter of turning to the Internet and marking yourself as a credible child care center. If you offer something unique that the competition lacks, you will earn an edge. Yet, even without that peculiar position ahead the competition, you are still likely to garner some clients based on the widespread need for day care service. You can resort to child care facility databases. This way, you can be listed as available. If you offer something special, it is likely you will get some responses and move your business in the right direction. For example, offering sporadic care (a few hours a day that change every day) can be a niche service. People want customizable career. Perhaps by exploring the limits of what you can muster you will reach families who want a very specific type of child caring.

On a smaller note, parents are distressed and turned off by “late fees.” As if their child is a video rental, charging late fees to a parent is seen as disrespectful. Perhaps waving this fee or being lenient will help you win over families who use other day care centers for their business (and use stricter rules). This is just one example of offering something unique, differentiating you enough to stand above the countless day care services that offer rudimentary services.

With a small budget you are limited by serving children and parents from your home. Keep your house cleaned, and keep the children creatively engaged. Arts and crafts help, as do sporadic trips outside the home. This stimulates the child and is also wildly impressive to parents who want their child to be in a fun and mentally stimulating environment. I suggest not owning over one television, as you may come across as a mentor who values television watching over personal watching.

Child care is one of the most accessible small businesses to begin, once you get over the requirement for the proper license. Afterwards, it is about establishing your name on the Internet so clients can find you, and remaining credible. Mothers and fathers talk. If you are a quality caregiver, and you manage to offer something that is in demand in the child care field, you are almost guaranteed to garner some sort of base. There are no guarantees in the world of business. But there is a guarantee here- children need to be watched- a lot.