Christmas Is Here, Time For Christmas Facebook Covers

Are you thinking about Christmas decorations for your office already? Unless you never invite anybody in your work space, and you don’t work with anyone else, you should consider yourself obligated to spend at least a few minutes for Santa Claus sake.

What if you have a Facebook fan page – shouldn’t you decorate that too? In fact, chances are more people visit your Facebook page than your office, but it depends on the kind of business you are. Either way, you should consider adding some Christmas spirit to your Facebook profile. It’s free, easy, and fun to do!

If you are into quick solutions, you might want to check out The website offers free Facebook cover customization with your images and text, and they have some pretty cool Christmas themes too. If you want to take it to another level, you can even pay a designer to make something that is 100% yours.

You can also try goggling for Christmas Facebook covers. There is a huge collection of Christmas themed covers out there that will do the job. Many of them have the name of the site watermarked on the covers – these are best to avoid for business fan page as you don’t want to be associating your brand with random internet companies. If you are worried about moving your brand/logo out of the picture, you can always keep it in the profile image that is on the bottom left corner of your cover.

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