Cloud Computing Is It Right for Your Business ?

Over the past few years, the term cloud has developed an entirely new meaning.A few years back, when you thought of the word cloud, you generally thought of rain clouds and storms.This day and age, with increasing technology, the cloud is a great way for businesses to save money when it comes to their IT department.What people don’t realize are the risks involved.

There are a variety of benefits that come along with cloud services.They can allow businesses to save money, because they will not need to buy as much hardware and software to conduct information technology tasks.They also give businesses the flexibility of storing their data elsewhere, yet also allow them to access the data remotely.  However, the legal risks that are involved can be great.

According to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in Canada, there are certain guidelines that help business owners become aware of these risks.

A few things that you will learn from these guidelines include:

  • When you entrust cloud services with the storage of your personal business data, the accountability of this information remaining private and confidential still belongs to you.
  • Before you consider cloud services, it is vital that you read the contract terms and conditions before you sign up for it.  This will help you to ensure that there are not secondary uses for your clients’ personal information.
  • Some Canadian cloud service providers will actually store your data outside of the country.  Some of these countries may not have strong privacy laws.  With this in mind, your data may not be as safe.  When you entrust a Canadian cloud service provider, you can usually rest assured that your information is protected.

Before you decide whether the cloud is right for your business, you will definitely want to take a look at the guidance that has been published by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in Canada.