Creating Ads with Great Conversion Rates

Online advertising can be very helpful for businesses.  The problem that can sometimes arise is that keyword implementation can be very hit or miss.  You can know a lot about keywords and how they get people to click through to your site and buy from you, but the truth is that many times keywords are not enough.  Here are a few reasons that keywords may fail you from time to time:

Keywords Are Not Always Enough

Online advertising is focused on one main goal, and that is to bring in more site traffic that will convert to sales.  You may have a lot of page hits, but if they don’t buy from you then you will find that it just drives up your bandwidth.  Failed conversions will usually happen because of certain common issues.  Sometimes, companies will focus on keywords that will not really add to the content of their site.   This is, in a sense, spending time and money on something that is not really valuable.

The key is to choose keywords that are highly relevant to your site, and ones that will add to the credibility of your site.  This is much more important than choosing keywords that have a high traffic volume.

Open Internet Exchange

There are a lot of companies out there that can help you to maximize the potential of your ads and boost your internet traffic.  These companies will work hand in hand with the advertisers at the ISP level.  They help to pair internet users with the ads that are going to be most relevant to the things that they are interested in.

Participating ISPs will keep a database of information related to the sites that are visited by certain users, and when they visit them most.  This information is also submitted to the OIX, or Open Internet Exchange.  Advertisers can help create internet marketing campaigns that are based on the information submitted to the OIX.

When a user with a  certain IP address goes to a page with ads, OIX helps to match the user with the ads that are going to best meet their needs based on their internet usage habits.  For example, it is really not doing any good to have ads for purchasing camera equipment shown to someone who accidentally clicked through to a photography supplier site for a few seconds.

OIX can tell the difference. They target the advertising to best meet your needs, and therefore boost your conversion.  While this type of advertising can be more costly, it is also going to be more effective.  Companies will find that advertising dollars can be stretched when using targeted ads.