Do You Straddle The Fence When it Comes to Change?

If you are considering changes, then you might find yourself on the fence for a while.  This is especially true if things are not really black and white.  If you find that most everything is some shade of grey, then you might not really know what to do in some cases.  This is not always the best approach, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs.

People who see things as various shades of grey will usually tend to do the following:

  • Procrastinate and avoid making big decisions whenever possible.
  • Have regrets after they make a big decision.
  • Be thoughtful when it comes to making the right decisions.
  • Stay in an unhappy relationship for longer.
  • Appreciate more than one point of view.

People who see things as black and white will usually tend to do the following:

  • Make decisions rather quickly and speak their mind whenever possible.
  • Stay predictable when it comes to their decisions.
  • Not have anxiety when it comes to making wrong decisions.
  • Have less drawn out relationship issues.
  • Not be very likely to consider the points of view of others.

As you can see, there are pros and cons for seeing things as shades of grey or black and white.  Ambivalence in the workplace can sometimes hinder the productivity of the business.  Motivational Interviewing, or MI, can be used to help collaborate conversations to help people have a stronger commitment when it comes to making changes.

MI is really important in the workplace.  It helps people that need to make decisions on a regular basis.  It uses open questions, listening, reflection and summaries to  help people understand change and become better at accepting it.  It helps to encourage people to overcome resistance instead of arguing with it.  Listening skills are highly emphasized when it comes to MI.  Listening skills can help in various aspects of life, including the workplace.

Another thing that MI focuses on is the desire, reason, ability and need to make changes, and also focuses on the commitment to change.  These are all tools that are very simple to understand, but can be very motivating and powerful in the workplace.  This is especially true for people that struggle with problems and issues at work when it comes to making decisions.