Do YouTube Personalities Need Online Reputation Management?

The world of media and celebrity is changing right before our eyes. In the past celebrities were people who made their homes in places such as Los Angeles and New York. They made movies, television shows, and albums. Today, things are much different, and being a celebrity is a much broader term than it once was. Take the popularity of YouTube, for example. Many of the top YouTubers have millions of subscribers to their channel. In fact, some have an absurd number of fans and followers.

Let’s take PewDiePie as just one example. He’s a gamer, and has a following of more than 36 million people on YouTube. Consider that one of the most watched television shows in the United States, The Walking Dead, might draw in 15 million viewers. Vikkstar123 has millions of subscribers on his channels, and even has a toy based off his Minecraft character for sale at Toys R Us, along with some other YouTube personalities.  Even YouTubers who have smaller audiences still have very loyal followings, and they are celebrities in most senses of the word.

Since they do the majority of their work online, their online reputation is essential to maintain. They have direct control over what they are putting into their videos, and they always have to be careful about the things they do and say. One misstep could cost them viewers, which is how they get much of their income. It could also cost them some of their sponsorships.

Even though many are well-versed in social media and the Internet as a whole, it does not mean that they will never have issues with their reputation. There are plenty of negative comments about YouTube personalities on the video site, as well as off the video site. They need to walk a fine line to make sure that they are able to project a positive persona, and this can be difficult.

For some, it might be helpful to work with an online reputation management specialist for some guidance and help. The specialists can take care of the elements that are out of the control of the YouTube personality and make the entire process of personality management easier on them so they can get back to doing what they do best – making entertaining videos.