Don’t Lose Your Money to Forex Scams

This day and age, many people are turning to Forex trading as a way to invest money.  With that in mind, there are a few scams that people should be made aware of various Forex scams.

Forex predators or Forex Scammers as we like to call them will usually look for prey that are gullible and greedy.  They will look much like the real Forex firms, and will usually have some of the same sales tactics.  They may place phone calls, send emails and newsletters, mail brochures, and even have legitimate looking websites.  One thing to beware of is a notice that draws you in through the use of terms such as an “exciting opportunity” or an opportunity only for “elite members”.

Scammers can usually access mailing lists from businesses that are legitimate.  Once they find that someone has an interest in their scam, they are good at swindling people out of their money.  Most of the scammers will have a sense of urgency when it comes to buying into their Forex schemes.  They will tell you that time is of the essence.

Another common scam is the high-yield investment program.  This type of program will promise a really high return on investment to people who can put money in up front.  This type of program takes an investment from one person to use it to pay another investor.  Once the business runs out of people to do business with, the scheme will fail.  They will usually disappear, and investors may never see their money again.

Some fraudulent investment firms will scam people with what is known as signal selling.  They will offer signal service that will promise investors “signals” to let them know when it is a good time to make trades in order to get the most out of their investment dollars.  Sometimes, they will sound very convincing.  They will say that they have a lot of experience, and that they have solid references.  The truth is that they may be paying someone to give them a reference.  Generally, this type of service is a scam.

Another method of scamming Forex traders is by offering a software that will help them do their trading automatically.  These scammers charge a fee for this service, and they tell the traders that they can basically do nothing and watch their trades bring them in profits.  These programs are usually not going to bring about any significant increase in profitability, and most of them don’t have a legitimate basis.

It is important to not be gullible when it comes to Forex trading.  Make sure that you avoid these particular scams.