Employers Should Conduct Exit Interviews When Employees Leave

All business will have to deal with employee turnover from time to time. This is something that costs many businesses a whole lot of money. If you conduct an exit interview when employees leave the company, you can learn more about why they are leaving the company. This can give you some ideas that will help you to improve your workplace.

Some businesses don’t do exit interviews because they are afraid to hear the employee’s judgment of the workplace. While it can be a bit unsettling, it can definitely be a huge benefit. This is especially true of the employees that are leaving on their own will.Employees who were let go may not offer as much valuable information, as they may be bitter about the separation.

The various benefits of having exit interviews:

  • Learn more about the company’s strengths
  • Learn more about the company’s weaknesses
  • Learn more about the skills necessary for the job
  • Learn why the employees are leaving
  • Show other employees that you are open to their opinions
  • Find out about potential issues in the workplace

Another thing that you will notice when you conduct exit interviews is the fact that you can learn about valuable things that should be incorporated into training new hires.

What to keep in mind as you conduct exit interviews:

  • You can conduct them face to face, or you can administer a survey
  • The interviews should be completely voluntary
  • Remember that it is not a time to evaluate employee performance
  • Be honest and open during the interview
  • You should never hold the things that are said against the employee when used as a reference

Always try to ensure that employees leave on good terms