Facebook – 4 Great Loyalty Apps

If you want to engage your Facebook fans or look for ways to get the users excited about what you have to offer, you might want to consider some of the Facebook loyalty apps.  These apps can bring your fans together and get them talking.  There are so many apps that will help you on Facebook.  Some of them may be free to use, while you may have to pay for others.

Facebook can really be a great tool, but you have to put some time and effort into it if you want to get some real results for your business.  It is really not something that you can go into blindly.  Your fans will want you to put out some information that they will find useful.  No matter what type of business you run, you will want to set up a Facebook fan page to help represent your business.  You will also want to make sure that you spend time making your Facebook fans happy.  Here are some great loyalty apps to consider.

Punch Tab

This is one of the loyalty apps that is used most often, simply because it is free to use.  While it may be free, it is definitely valuable.  There are a lot of great features that will help to encourage your fans to participate.  Punch Tab offers a few different apps.  They use giveaways and other promotions to help out larger businesses when it comes to getting their fans active.  With this app, you will find that your business is able to get much more likes.  If your site has Punch Tab, then you can reward the users for doing certain things on your Facebook page.  It is something that runs continuously, which leave people coming back for more.


If people want some flexibility when it comes to their social media marketing, Wildfire is a great option.  Wildfire offers a lot of great loyalty apps.  You simply pay $5 for each promotion run, and .99 every day that the app is up on the site.  There are a lot of great apps that can be used to increase the number of fans you have, get users talking, and allow them to have fun!  The best apps offered by Wildfire include the trivia and quizzes app and the group deals app.

North Social

This loyalty app is based out of Chicago.  They have giveaway apps, contest apps, and many other great apps to improve fan loyalty.  This site is not free.  It starts around $20 a month.  They have so many different apps for various different uses.  It is great for small businesses, and there is no contract or set up fee required.


If you want to liven up your Facebook page before you go full force with a loyalty program, you will want to consider Lujure.  This is a site that will allow users to create tabs that can be used for giveaways, Frequently asked questions, contact, or other personalized loyalty programs.  It is a free tool for one custom tab on one page, and pricing varies for additional tabs.