Finding Love While in Business

If you plan on balancing love and business, you need to find someone you love, who can also fit into your business mentality. And when it comes to business, the constant changing climate makes things intriguing. But with relationships, that dynamic may remain a bit more static. The main killer of relationships is not a bad haircut, but boredom. People seem to simply get bored of each other’s company. When the buzz and excitement of being together fades away, you start building a relationship with new tracks- less about excitement and more about, well, adult things.

Time puts pressure on people, and this can allow a relationship to change drastically and unpredictably. For example, a relationship is great for years, until one of you finds that they are missing an opportunity to go back to school. Relationships are meant to alter over time. When you make a commitment to someone, you are doing this for life. Do not suppose that you can learn everyone about someone after a year, or even a decade. It is a constant growing process, and this time changes people. Be alert to the changing needs, and do not let boredom get the best of either of you.

Lost love often goes hand in hand with boredom. To realign, assess some questions to yourself and your partner.

  • Why are you together?
  • What are your relationship goals for the future?
  • How can you improve?
  • What have you accomplished so far?

These questions reflect a theme of being better and happier people together. If you are not happy, it needs to be addressed. Many people ignore this, and allow the relationship to eat itself from the inside. It is not easy to address unhappiness, and where it is coming from. But by being transparent, you can witness problems in your partner and the problems in you.

Be careful not to be a hypochondriac. Many women take this too literally, and may dig into scenarios and issues that may not have any depth. Boredom will kill, but is the boredom deriving from, lack of excitement, a poor relationship that needs to end, or self-infused exaggerations and insecurity?

A relationship is meant to be a commitment for a long period of time, essentially forever. If you do not stay in tuned to the altering landscape of your significant other, you may find yourself caught off guard with a bored man- or a bored you. Check in periodically and establish yours and his changing needs. Boredom comes from monotony and poor communication. Communicate needs need to be addressed regularly. As far as boredom itself, try to make goals. Relationship goals give clarity to the future, and help deter boredom where it may feel like you are spinning wheels.

Boredom kills because getting over boredom is hard. Both of you must make a conscious effort to realign your needs and work together into the future. If issues occur, ignoring them fosters resentment and boredom. You may find that continuing this relationship is not worth the effort. But if you truly believe that your love is eternal and you need to stay together, try establishing what is wrong and how things can be changed. Assess your goals together, and make conscious efforts to dissuade boredom.

A relationship may have run its course, and that is fine. But before giving up, understand why this relationship may be ending and how it can be fixed, if at all. Do not let laziness be the ultimate fallacy of your relationship. But keep in mind, a relationship does not have to be forever for it to be important. Many relationships end, yet the people still remain relevant to each other. Their situation has changed, but they still care for each other. Consider it an evolution.

You may know how to understand a man or a woman, how to appeal to them, and how to sustain longevity. But you also should understand how it can end, and when it may be healthy to close that chapter of your life and perhaps open another.

Love is confusing. Love is tricky, it is hard, it is magical, and it is deceiving. Love has approximately 35 billion songs to its credits, and 350 billion movies. Love gave Hallmark a name, and made sad stuff even sadder. Love ended lives and created new ones. Love gave meaning to a hug. Without love, the phrase “Love is Eternal” would be “Stuff is Cool for a Long Time.” Your entire self-worth could likely be extrapolated from love in all its many forms.

Finding love is the most natural but also most universally acceptable goal of our society. But you cannot find love without understanding how those you love, or may love, act. I guess you could substantiate some sort of lackluster preference for each other, or watch television and eat dinner together in silence for thirty years.

But to obtain any sort of redeeming and worthwhile love, it takes a conscious effort to understand your potential partner for life. From the very first eye contact, to the fifty year wedding anniversary, there are things you can do to establish your love more fluidly and build on love like a tower of cards that never falls. Love is gorgeous and existential, but it can hurt like a shark bite. Here are some basic ideas to follow as you pursue business alongside growing and finding love:

  • The online dating environment holds love, but it must be ciphered. By building a quality profile and being eccentric and extroverted, you will increase your chances in an environment that does not demand you talking in person for success, at least in the beginning.
  • Finding love is difficult, and will take time. Playing to the idea of dodge ball, finding love is like catching the right ball. Help those find love and you will find it yourself.
  • Understanding that there will be pitfalls in a relationship can do a lot in preparing you for the worst. Do not get overconfident with a relationship, and expect a little something here and there to pop up like the pain of reality is well known for.
  • Never underestimate proper communication. Communicating in different ways is essential, and learning to feel your partner for their communicating style will allow the puzzle pieces of communication to mold together perfectly and help create a larger image of love and passion long into life.
  • Trust is to be earned. Use trust as an outlet to obtaining a higher level within a relationship. Do not forgo trust easily, and don’t settle for less. Be vulnerable while being happy. Be dependent while being confident. Trust is a massive piece of the puzzle. The sooner you realize this, the sooner a relationship can gather steam and move past that first huge bump in the road.
  • Study the world, and use that to your advantage. Being able to remain fascinated by your partner takes the ability to build on new ideas and new things in life. Grow and learn and know a little about a lot of different things to expand your repertoire and remain a polarizing yet phenomenal person through and through.
  • Be mysterious yet transparent. Use this balance to succeed brilliantly with a relationship you can get behind.

Relationships are not easy to sustain. Just like keeping a business alive, it takes work and it takes time. Hopefully you have obtained a foundation, or perhaps a different perspective on love, hopefully with a little light-hearted charm. You can distract yourself for decades with books about love, and advice from friends. But the best way to learn is to experience it all yourself. Love has a nasty habit of constantly evolving and being a troublesome thing to tackle down and grasp. But the core idea is always the same. Love makes you happy. Love gives meaning. Life can be fought without love, but love is the most momentous and powerful feeling one can have. You work at it, you hope for the best, and you be the best person you can be. If you hold true to yourself, and consciously improve yourself for the better, love will come to find you.

Of course, for those of us who are impatient, you can go out and find it. Love is puzzling. Making a business is equally so. But with both components, everything becomes all the more exciting and endearing.

When and How to Reward Yourself

As you prepare a small business, money can be an overwhelming aspect. For one you need money to continue the business, and even further, you need money to survive to a certain standard. As your business grows, and your relationships are sustained, you need to make sure that you are enjoying it all the same. Without the fun, there is little use on continuing the business.

It is suggested to create personal milestones for you, and reward yourself appropriately. Buy things! Go have fun! As your business grows, purchase or do extracurricular things to make life all the more entertaining. As I begin my business, I used most of my money to keep the business alive. I took a little out to pay for the necessities of my life. But for the most part, the bulk went back into the business. Yet as I continued growing the business, I realized that if I wasn’t rewarding myself, I became disappointed. Sure, a large part of business is establishing that initial bankroll and keeping the business alive. But as time goes on, reward yourself with a little bonus “something.” This keeps your motivation high, and helps to balance out the entirety of your life. Go skydiving. Go on a vacation. Buy a new bike. Reward yourself with something desirable to keep your mind enticed by the growth of a business. It is also wholly satisfying to enjoy something, knowing that the purchase of it was done through a self-made business.

When it comes to love, perhaps use a small portion of your business money to buy something or do something nice for a loved one.

If you are not appreciating the money you are earning, the act of building and advancing a business forward becomes blurred. The idea is to make money and be self-sustaining, perhaps even rich. But there is a lot to be said for enjoying the path there. You may find enjoyment from simply working the business into greater levels of success, but you can always reward yourself with tangible and intangible little goodies as you go. If anything, your loved ones will appreciate it, and will motivate you further to succeed and grow.

Despite all the modicums of business success, the greatest is freedom. For almost all entrepreneurs, it is the pursuit of freedom that becomes the most enticing. Many are more than comfortable dabbling in a career, earning a consistent salary, and closing their work day appropriately. Their time may not be their own exactly, but the risk is lower. Yet with unemployment rates skyrocketing and job security being wavered with tighter budgets, the risk level of a career path is becoming higher. Being a business owner is growing in popularity, but it still requires a certain type of person to reach success. As you grow your business, always be aware of the amount of fun you are incurring. The task may be arduous, and it may take away from other things you may want to accomplish, but be aware that if the adventure is not fun or satisfying, then it may not being an adventure worth pursuing.

As well, building and sustaining relationships is just as important. A lone business owner is no business owner at all. Build relationships with loved ones, and make sure they are comfortable with your chosen path in life. Be communicative, and keep love close as you expand and explore the avenues of self-employment.

It is important you keep a quality mentality. Balance out love and business, and remember, unsupportive loved ones will determine the quality of your mentality.

Set goals consistently, and express these goals with loved ones. Have short term goals, middle term, and long term goals. All are invaluable and keeping you on the right course. As well, it helps to keep the transparency high between you and loved ones. You can discuss a business future together without the barrier of business and love being too high and mysterious.

There is a grim reality with business. You are not entitled to a success any more than anyone else. Bad things happen, and bad things happen often. Relay that to loved ones and make sure everyone understands the risks. With proper knowledge and preparation, you can minimize risk. But the world of business is a tough one that can consume you. Be aware enough to know that business often is merciless, but also wholly enthralling.

Involving those you love can offer a new unique perspective. The help can be amazing, but it is also comforting knowing that you are growing directly with a loved one in a personal and business sense. Some appreciate having those they love closely involved. Consider this route as you grow your business and need help to alleviate key kinks in your operation.

Teamwork is ideal. No business is built and held on the shoulders of one. It takes many to build and sustain a business. Be aware of this implicit need. Having help can make the whole affair more entertaining and, ultimately, rewarding.

If you do not have someone you love, find them! Small business creation can be more satisfying with a love in your life. But it is more satisfying in almost every facet of your life to have someone you love involved. Love is powerful, and can expand your life in many ways. Never close yourself off, and always leave that opportunity open. Consider it an investment!

The main idea is to have fun. As your business continues to succeed, reward yourself! Go on a vacation or buy something nice for a loved one. Businesses are meant to earn you money, and that money is meant to make your life more comfortable. But on the path to success and self-sustainment, keep yourself involved with the reality of life with nice little rewards along the way.