Frequently Asked Questions About LinkedIn

Most small business owners have heard about LinkedIn, and many of them have several questions about it.  This is a network that is growing more and more each day, and there are a lot of features that people are unaware of.  Here are the answers to the top five questions business owners have about this social network.

#1 – Why is nothing happening on my profile?

Most businesses want to know what LinkedIn can offer them.  They want to know why they should keep their profile active.  Once you create a profile, there are a few things that you need to do.  You can’t just expect something to happen automatically.

With LinkedIn, you will pretty much get back what you put into it.  If you want to get some great connections, you will need to not only have a complete profile, but you will also need to get linked with others.  You will then want to stay active on the site.  LinkedIn offers many tools to help you stay involved.  Try LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers.

#2 – Is LinkedIn only used for job recruiters and people looking for jobs?

Companies that do recruiting will often times turn to LinkedIn to look for potential candidates for open positions.  Candidates can also build their connections and view job listings.  This is not the only thing that LinkedIn has to offer.

LinkedIn can be used to build up your brand.  If someone looks for you on Google, then they will probably find your LinkedIn page.  Also, LinkedIn can be used to help you network with potential customers and other business associates.

#3 – Can LinkedIn be used to find sales leads? 

Most people have heard that LinkedIn can be used to find sales leads.  Here are the best ways to get leads from LinkedIn:

  • Make connections by putting your time and effort into building up your network.
  • Look for word of mouth referrals from your satisfied clients.
  • Answer questions using the LinkedIn forums to help get more exposure.
  • Create relevant content to post on your LinkedIn profile to help draw in the interest of new potential customers.

#4 – How can LinkedIn be used to target a certain audience and promote a business? 

Aside from the fact that you are able to connect with family and friends, you will also find that you can network with people using LinkedIn Groups.  You can look for the groups that are directly related to your particular industry.  You can also join discussions to get active in these groups.  Members can search member’s lists to find the people that they want to reach out and talk to.

If you want to promote your business, then you want to create a company page.  You also want to consider getting listed in the service provider directory and advertising with LinkedIn Ads.

#5 – Once you are connected, what do you do next?

LinkedIn is basically like any other networking site.  When you build your connections, that is just the beginning.  You should use your connections wisely and share your content, comment, send messages, and engage yourself with others.