Fun Business Under $100 – Mobile Pet Grooming

doggiesNiche marketing is fun. For one, you are able to do something wholly unique ad appeal to a very specific expanse of people equally intrigued by its uniqueness. With that said, many business began as niche markets, only to gain such a huge following it A) became mainstream and evolved into other areas or B) wasn’t niche to begin with!

For business amateurs, the concept and structure of niche marketing may appear alarmingly ineffective. Why limit your audience? Why offer a product or service so limited in scope only a few can enjoy and appreciate it? This singularity is distressing as it shows exactly how niche marketing can get pigeon-holed. Yet, this strategy has its strengths. The greatest strength is the unnatural level of competition-there is none! Niche marketing is largely a competition-less field, where the focused potential of the business washes away a lot of the people who are thinker broader.

Mobile pet grooming is such a business.

Pet grooming only appeals to pet owners. Even further, it only appeals to pet-owners who want their pet professionally groomed. Finally, it appeals to those who want their pet professionally groomed, and are unwilling to leave the house to have it done. Other companies may offer an in-house service that would act as your indirect competition. As well, the service isn’t free, so an owner has to find value (lots of value) in paying for these services which they find necessary. Regardless of these stipulations, a mobile pet grooming business is capable of being extremely successful in the realm of niche marketing.

Because of the specific nature and lack of extensive competition, niche marketing companies can typically charge premium for their products or services. None the less, they are able to focus their marketing in a very specific and organized sense. Instead of blanketing the Internet with advertisements with claims of superior quality, or innovating to stand outside the competition, a niche business such as this can largely rely on social media and word-of-mouth.

The fascinating thing about niche marketing is the simple art that if there is a new demand, and a niche exists, customers will find the business. For anyone who desires grooming for their pets, they will personally seek out your business (and the closest location). Your business can invest finances into marketing in the future, but it may not be as necessary as a business that has a lot of competition. Extensive money spent in marketing would be subject to breaching outside their niche- and it may be all the more unnecessary than saving the money and hoping for efficient word-of-mouth.

It would be wise to expand your repertoire outside of grooming and into possibly training or babysitting pets. These lift the singular focus to the business to other choices and will hopefully bring in customers who are only interested in those services. If you want to succeed with this business, properly inform yourself of the intricacies of taking care of animals.
Of course, the greatest weakness to a business such as mobile pet grooming is the unlikely nature that it will excel to a massive global scale. The structure of the business is contrary to this. Niche marketing is not conducive to global and wide success. As a small business owner, you are unable to handle a wide scale success and interest. Niche marketing is naturally conducive to small business owners, making mobile pet grooming a satisfying exploration of the business culture.

This is not to say that a pet grooming niche marketing campaign aesthetic cannot grow into a new strategy. Niche marketing is singular, but if expansion occurred bringing in new customers, the business could take a whole new form entirely. Succeeding in this realm is all about being a chameleon. Always be willing to evolve with the demand. Perhaps an expansion to other pets or placing a large stake in training animals for other industries (and not just the local populous) can create new revenue cash flow. Movie studios may find value in hiring your business to train their pet for the filming of a new film. Companies may find their services beneficial, and outsource to them for training or grooming.

Your success from this industry comes from your ability to remain reflexive and adaptable. Starting it only entails you gain basic clientele from your local area, and properly inform yourself of the very thing you will be surrounded by- animals. By using social media sources, as well as printing flyers and talking to family and friends, a steady local clientele will arise. If your work is appropriate, and you are flexible, the business will substantiate itself as a source of side income. Of course, expanding that into a wider scale will take business savviness. But more importantly, it will take someone who is exceptional at taking care of animals. More than most other businesses, the quality of your actions has more to do with the quality of your work than your business intelligence. Tell that to a corporate overlord or a bombastic Harvard graduate.