Get an E1 or E2 Visa by Making an At-Risk Investment

If you’d like to get a US visa and are also interested in starting an enterprise in the United States, an E1 or E2 visa may be the perfect option for you. If you can demonstrate that you are making a substantial investment, the US Consulate in your home country may grant you a one to two year visa. In order to show that your investment is substantial, you must prove that a significant portion of your investment is at risk.

What Qualifies as “At Risk”

In order to determine if your investment and business interest are legitimate, the US government wants to see that you have already made an investment and that you may lose money if your business fails. One of the simplest ways to show this investment is to take out a long-term lease on an office space. Purchasing office supplies and equipment as well as hiring accountants, lawyers, and others, are great ways to show that your money is already at risk.

What Does Not Qualify as “At Risk”

At-risk investments only include investments that have gone to the actual operating costs of the business. Idle or speculative investments, such as holding your money in stocks or in bank accounts will not be considered at risk.

Investing in Your New US Business

Before you have received your visa, it may be difficult to place a significant amount of investment at risk. This process can be difficult to navigate, but as long as you can show the government that you have already made an initial investment and the remainder of the at-risk investment is contingent on your visa decision, you should have a strong application.

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