Getting a New Perspective for Your Business with Reverse Mentoring

If you are looking to learn new skills or get guidance for your business, then you might want to consider reverse mentoring.  Mentors are usually the older people in the industry that have a lot of experience.  Reverse mentoring is really a lot different, but can be very effective.  The younger employees that have less experience will actually be mentors to the business owners and more experienced employees.

Recent college grads may not really have a lot of experience, but when they are mentoring the experienced employees they can offer a lot of insight when it comes to technology and other aspects of their industry.  Reverse mentoring can also give business owners new ideas when it comes to doing business.  They can learn more about social media, new ways to recruit talent, and new technology and innovation.

Reverse mentoring can also help you to:

  • Be more energetic and more creative
  • Be more technologically-savvy
  • Be more engaged and committed to employees
  • Give your younger employees more experience
  • Gain cross knowledge
  • Identify leaders of the future

If this is something that you want to consider, then here are a few ideas that will help it to be successful for you:

  • Identify your goals and focus on areas that you need guidance and support.
  • Have an open mind and be willing to share any thoughts and ideas or questions and concerns that you may have.
  • Ensure that everyone is comfortable with the situation.

Reverse mentoring should not replace traditional mentoring, but it can definitely be a great supplement.