Giving Your Business a Competitive Edge

Business owners should always strive to give their business a competitive edge. This will involve a lot of planning on a continual basis. This planning should be based on the most up to date and innovative information. Business owners can include this information in their business practices to help give them the edge they need.

Before innovations such as online news reports, up to the minute email alerts, mobile applications and social media networks, there has been a bulletin that Canadians can turn to in order to learn more about the business world. It is known as The Daily, and it releases business information, and also introduces new products. It also includes topics such as current labor market trends, energy, consumer expenditures and productivity.

All Canadians can gain access to The Daily for free online. There are also other options for getting this information on your smartphone or tablet. There are even some options for those that only want to get the information on topics that are relevant to them.

These include:

  • Mobile Website: You can access The Daily online from your mobile phone by visiting
  • RSS Feeds: You can choose from a variety of different feeds and get certain information on topics as soon as it goes live on the web.
  • Widgets: You can get summaries of what is included in The Daily from your desktop or your website.
  • Email: You can have a copy of it sent to your email inbox on a daily basis.
  • By reading this information, you can really keep yourself up to speed with the latest information that can help give your business a competitive edge.