Helpful Tips for Business Travel

Business travel can sometimes be stressful. There are often times long flights, hectic schedules, and even a few delays.  The best thing that business people can do is prepare for their trip ahead of time.

Before leaving for your business trip, you will want to consider using the services provided by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.  These services can not only help you learn more about the foreign markets, but it can also help you prepare for overseas business endeavors.  They can also be very helpful when it comes to arising business related issues while you are traveling.

Here are a few things that you should do:

  • Visit the Foreign Affairs website to learn more about entry requirements for specific countries, safety concerns, laws, customs, health concerns and much more.
  • Be informed of the Canadian embassies in the area in which you will be traveling.  They will be vital when it comes to handling legal issues.
  • Book prime flights.  Don’t book flights that are too late, or you may have delays that require you to stay overnight at the airport.
  • Use layovers effectively.  Prepare your presentations, check your email, and get plenty of rest.
  • Don’t let the time zone changes get the best of you.  Instead, try to stick with a schedule.
  • Consider NEXUS and CANPASS cards to help get you across the borders faster.

Preparation is the key to smooth business travels. Make sure that you pack everything that you need, and then some. Take along USB drives, batteries, power converters, paper copies of important documents, and any other necessities.