Hiring an SEO Agency or Doing it In House?

When you think about the SEO for your business, you will need to consider whether or not to do it yourself or hire an SEO agent to do the work for you.  You should focus on what will be the best for your business.  What works well for one business may not for another.  The key is to understand the SEO process.

In house SEO requires a great deal of expertise in the industry.  You will need to be an expert on industry knowledge.  The in house team will have a good understanding of your SEO goals and how you plan to reach these goals.  Hiring in house SEO experts can be a good idea for some businesses.

In house SEO experts will basically be focusing on niche marketing.  This allows them to get better at what they are doing within that particular industry.  They don’t have to worry about marketing for many different industries, which can sometimes make them more effective at what they do.  Focusing on one industry not only adds expertise, but it also helps to bring better results.

In house SEO may not really be the best job in the house and it can also be quite risky.  At the same time, there is a lot to say when it comes to understanding the company goals and being able to help reach them.

Agency SEO can also be good for some businesses.  SEO agencies are basically agencies that live, sleep and breathe SEO.  They know what they are doing, and they are great at it.  They focus on various different industries.  These people know all about the current trends, and they are also great when it comes to SEO changes.  They learn quickly, and adapt to the changes as they occur.

Agency SEO is a great way to achieve your goals, as they know what they are doing and they have insider information when it comes to the SEO world.  Another thing to consider is the fact that you are basically hiring someone that is learning more about your business, and they have knowledge about other businesses as well.  It can be a win-win situation.