How the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act Affects You

All manufacturers, importers and sellers of products and goods will want to be aware of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.  This Act helps to protect consumers, and it also increases the responsibility of the manufacturers and helps to prevent unsafe products from making it to the market.

Here are a few tips:

  • Any and all products that are risky to the health and safety of consumers are not permitted under this Act.
  • False advertising and labeling is not permitted.  This includes information that may be misleading and deceptive when it comes to the safety of the consumers.
  • Accurate record keeping is very important, and all safety concerns should be addressed immediately.
  • Businesses may be up for inspection at all times, and products that don’t meet the regulation standards may be recalled.
  • Violators of the new Act may be faced with fines and even prosecution.

What should businesses do if they have concerns about the effects of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act?

  • Discuss their responsibilities with Health Canada
  • Ask for legal advice and assistance to ensure compliance
  • Set forth a strategy
  • Test products in-house to ensure they meet the standards
  • Track important information to help make reporting easier

Keeping a record of your suppliers that is accurate and up-to-date is important. This will help you in the event of any defective products.  If there are any discoveries in the products that would make them a health or safety hazard, it is the responsibility of the business to let Health Canada know immediately.  A call in to them will work in the beginning, but a full written report is mandatory within 10 days.

You should definitely take the time to learn more about this Act to ensure that your products and goods meet the regulations.