How to Effectively Prevent and Solve Conflict in the Workplace

Employers in Canada realize the importance of effectively handling conflict in the workplace. Productivity can definitely be at risk when there is workplace conflict. The best thing to do is prevent the conflict from happening in the first place, or resolve it very early. This will ensure that business runs smoothly.If conflict does arise, it is important not to avoid it and simply put a stop to it.

Things that Can Get in the Way of Conflict Resolution

  • Inability to tell operational conflicts from interpersonal conflicts
  • Not keeping an open mind
  • Placing blame on others
  • Assuming the intentions of others
  • Jumping to conclusions before getting all the information
  • Having only one approach to conflict resolution
  • Promoting drama in the workplace
  • Trying to come to a quick fix solution

The best way to prevent workplace conflict is by improving your methods of giving and receiving feedback.  Exchanging feedback can really help you to understand issues.Communication can be improved by following these tips for giving and receiving feedback:

  • Identify important behaviors to discuss
  • Discuss specific situations
  • Discuss potential impacts of negative behavior
  • Always listen to everyone involved
  • Make specific requests instead of vague suggestions
  • Give tips for taking steps in a positive direction
  • Keep an open mind
  • Avoid negative reactions
  • Summarize the things that you hear
  • Clarify and ask questions when needed
  • Suggest alternative behaviors

Controlling conflict in the workplace is very important.It can really help to improve problem solving skills in the workplace.Diversity in the workplace doesn’t always have to be a negative thing,in fact it can sometimes enrich the work environment.