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Most of the top ranked sites out there use Google Analytics.  This is a tool that allows the webmaster to measure the number of visitors of their site, the time that people spend on various pages, bounce rates, and other useful information.  How do the top sites out there use this data to help them make their site better?  Here are a few tips:

Adjust the Structure of Your Site and Test It Out

If your current web structure is not really working that well for you, then you can use the data that you get from GA to help you improve it.  Start by testing certain elements of your site to find out what drives more visitor time spent on a particular page.

Layout – The layout of your page is something that you can change fairly easily.  Consider changing the graphics and the content to make the site easier to use.  You can also use tools such as Google Website Optimizer to run tests to find out what elements work best for you.

Prominent Feedback – If your quantitative data is not really giving you a lot to work with, then you might want to consider getting feedback from the visitors of your site.  They can let you know what they like and what they don’t like about the site.

Improved Navigation – Make sure that your site is easy to navigate.  If it is not, then chances are you won’t have many visitors that stay for very long.

Adjust the Content of Your Site and Test it Out

When you are viewing your GA dashboard, you can look at the visits and pageviews of your site.  IF a certain page of your site has more visits than another, then you might want to do the following:

Expand on the Page – Your most popular page can be expanded to include a larger amount of information about your business.  You can use this page to get people to navigate to other pages.

Improve the Pages that Perform Poorly – If you find that a certain page does not perform as well as you would like it to, then chances are you will want to get rid of it or improve it.  You can use SEO to your advantage to learn more about the keywords that people are looking for.  Do you use the data you get from GA to help you improve your site conversion?

Multimedia – Pages that have multimedia, including videos and other interactive content may increase the engagement of your site.  You can use these tools to help get information from your customers.

Track Your Conversions

The best way to increase conversions on your site is by using GA Goals.  The goals are basically important Pageviews that you want to measure that help to produce conversion.  For instance, you might have a Thank You page that customers will see once they purchase from you. uses cookies and may ask for your personal data to enhance your browsing experience. We do not sell any information to any third-parties.