How to Start a Personal Concierge Business for Under $100

Time can get the best of us. As expectations of productivity flourish, and we are exposed to more media, entertainment, and overall responsibility every day, the need for a personal concierge becomes necessary. The title “personal concierge” sounds rather fancy, and perhaps it is purposely so. Yet, concierges can assist in a variety ways, some involving high class environments, and others involve the rather mercilessly uneventful.

Some need concierges to handle the miscellaneous. This usually arises from the disorganized that would have less daily work if they were organized. A concierge could simply be hired to upkeep organization and help smooth out the process. The client has all the technical know-how and expertise, and simply needs a concierge to make the process smoother. Other needs arise from a matter of time. Some need a concierge to actually assist in tasks, often the menial or monotonous tasks that do not require much expertise and become tedious quickly. A personal concierge provides the needs of a client, and if one is comfortable doing so, they should be expected to provide accordingly. As you venture into a personal concierge business, make sure to always outline what your tasks will be. You do not want to be caught up working for an agreed upon fee, yet doing tasks far and beyond what you initially expected.

Personal concierges come in many forms. As you immediately settle what you want to do, extend that by whom you want to attract. If you are a concierge that is willing to do monotonous office tasks, perhaps establishing your business in a corporate environment is best.

Always attach your preferences to the demographic. Some despise a corporate culture, and refuse to involve themselves. Do not settle for doing something you inherently dislike. It will make your advents as a personal concierge far worse than necessary. Many concierges become very specific with their services, allowing them to clearly outline their required tasks. If you bill yourself as a concierge who will do anything, you may attract many customers. But you may find yourself working far too hard for too little pay. Individuals will take advantage of your freedom to act. Have standards and outline them specifically so you do not overwork unnecessarily.
Concierges are needed for organization or to simply save time. They may also be hired to make life easier. They are hired for personal and business use. Always understand the need for a concierge, and leave your options open as you determine what is in demand and what, simply, is not.

Being a concierge allows you a phenomenal unrivaled opportunity to venture into other business outlets. You may assist in cleaning premises and offices as these tasks become monotonous and distracting easily. You may assist in tasks of representation, such as representing an individual when doing paperwork that may be deemed overly superfluous by an individual (or tedious).

Always expect that as a personal concierge, you will not be doing desirable tasks all that often. You are being paid to do the tasks that others do not prefer. Rarely are you tasked to do something that is preferred, and when you are it is because your skills are appropriate for the task. As a beginning concierge, you must establish your skill sets for potential customers with a track record. Expect to do undesirable tasks until you build to doing something beyond that.

Of course, if you enter the world of being a personal concierge with a proven track record of delivering, this may be just the right business for you. Many individuals leave jobs of many years to be a concierge handling tasks that they were required to do in their career. Being a personal concierge is an extremely personal task, as clients often relate to you as a friend. When they trust you to do tasks, they trust you with doing them correctly, on time, and honestly. As you accumulate customers, your priority will always be completing the task with the highest respect for the customer. Even as you pick up laundry or wait in line, the task of being a concierge is one of intimate origin.

The vagueness of the personal concierge business allows for the upmost flexibility with rates. If you specialize in a very specific area, you can usually afford to charge higher rates appropriate to your specialization. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are an established name and offer many services, you can charge the appropriately higher rates for a wide range of services. As you begin, find a nice middle ground that seems reasonable to you. What would you charge? How much time is being dedicated? How hard is this task? These questions seem simple, but should be analyzed to find the most reasonable and appropriate rates. There is no formula.
Providing assistance for individuals is a very variable task. Each client acts, thinks, and simply has to different needs. Studying and researching can only get you so far. But reacting and experiencing individuals’ first-hand is the best way to prepare you for the concierge industry.

A website is an absolute requirement. The most effective way for an individual to find you is through a well designed website. Display the concierge services you provide. Ye t always try to keep your rates relatively vague. Being too specific may scare off potential customers, as well; it will allow you the room to adjust rates as appropriate. But as you begin, local customers will be the bulk of your clientele. It isn’t quite possible to travel across the country, unless the individual is willing to pay to cover your expenses. Focus your marketing on a local level, perhaps by advertising yourself in the Yellow Pages or newspaper. Though these methods are becoming obsolete in a mainstream scale, there are still individuals who harness these sources to obtain specific and less mainstream services.

Personal concierges flourish based on referrals. Use this to your advantage. Build very close relationships with the customers you require, and often times, they will refer you to an individual who may desire your services as well. If you provide quality work, an individual may find you worthy of telling their personal friends or associates. On the other hand, you may be too good and they keep you for themselves!

A personal concierge must work the system like any other. Getting into the industry is relatively simple, as technology as flattened the horizon for those interested. But finding clients is a personal testament to your skills as a marketing and communicator. Be aware that personal concierges are not picked from a hat, but often painstakingly chosen after surveying other potential concierges. Your success will ride almost solely on your ability o be appealing and likable. This may sound shallow, but it is YOU who is being marketed in this industry. An excellent track record helps, as does the services offered initially. But it is sheer likability that will allow you to excel beyond the competition. Find more information for the National Concierge Association, and market yourself locally to reach customers and build steadfast and prolonged relationships.