Insurance for a Home Based Business

Entrepreneurs should always consider the downsides of their business idea as well as the upsides.  Entrepreneurs will usually have a good idea as to how much money making potential they have with their business idea.  Some of them really want to think big, but they should also think just as big when it comes to the amount of money they can lose with their business.

It can prove to be a very tricky job when it comes to balancing the risks and the rewards of opening a new business.  Entrepreneurs have to work hard to make sure that they stand out in their marketplace, but they should also be aware of their insurance needs.

In order to determine what type of insurance will be beset for your business, it is a good idea to take a look at the types of claims you are likely to encounter.  In a home based business, you have to not only consider your business, but also your home.  Consider the type of business, and you will usually find that homeowners insurance is not going to be suffice in this situation.

Here are a few things that you will want to consider:

  • Equipment.  You will usually have to have some type of business equipment, including computers and other types of office equipment.  Homeowners insurance can usually cover some of these costs, but not much more than about $2500.  If you need more coverage, then you will want to make sure that you look for a business insurance plan to ensure that you are not underinsured.  Entrepreneurs that are tech-oriented will usually need much more coverage.
  • Loss of use.  Sometimes, families end up having to live somewhere else temporarily in case of an emergency such as a fire or other event.  While this is sometimes covered with homeowners insurance policies, you also have to consider the fact that you may not be able to conduct business out of a hotel room.  In this event, you will want to make sure that you have business-interruption insurance in place.
  • Liability.  Businesses that operate out of a home will need to ensure that they have liability coverage in place.  This is especially true if customers or clients come into the home to do business.  What would happen if they were injured while in your home?  This is not covered under homeowner’s insurance.  This is why you will want to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage.
  • Product liability.  Most retailers will want to ensure that they have product liability insurance to help protect their products from damage or defect.  Some products may be more prone to liability, claims or other litigations than others.  Businesses that are not incorporated will really want to make sure that they have this insurance in place.

All home based businesses should evaluate their particular insurance needs on a regular basis to ensure that they have an adequate insurance policy.  After all, it is for their own protection