James Timothy White Warns of Scams Using His Name

UPDATE, August 2, 2012: Fraud and Scam Alert James Timothy White’s attorney was made aware of various reports of one or more individuals fraudulently using his identity, signatures, and/or credibility to scam and fraud individuals and corporations. These individuals are suspected to have utilized photocopied, digital, forged, or otherwise replicated signatures to endorse various legal documents, commitments and contracts. Reports indicate that in some situations, these individuals are contacting unsuspecting people in various countries asking them to “send money” and other valuables to them, or that “James Timothy White is in trouble and needs cash to get back home.” Or asking them “for money for various investment schemes and to wire money”. or using art work to fraud consumers.

For the record, James Timothy White is not currently a director of any public company on any exchange worldwide; he will not endorse agreements without personally contacting the parties involved individually and conducting his own due diligence first. He WILL NOT solicit investors for money or ask individuals to send valuables to him through third parties. Anyone claiming to have contact with or represent James Timothy White should be verified with James White directly through this website.