Jason Mraz Not Giving Up

Jason Mraz recently began rehearsal with a new band at a studio located near the airport in Burbank. The singer/songwriter is based out of San Diego and mentioned that he invited many people to come to his audition including those he loved and with whom he wanted to work, but he knew he could not hire everyone.

With only five positions to fill, he quickly began to feel like he had to break up with so many people, calling them to let them know that things would not work out between them.

This theme of breaking up happens to be the center of the newest single produced by the young star “I Won’t Give Up” from his fourth album “Love is a Four Letter Word”. The songwriter declares that it is not a break up album though it was written when he was unsure of what was to come from the inside of his relationship.

This relationship was the broken engagement he had with Tristan Prettyman, another singer/songwriter. However, Mraz—who has twon two Grammy’s—claims that the message of his newest single and album should be taken figuratively rather than literally.

The album is a compilation of love songs but not just romantic love songs. The songs should express compassion, love, and empathy which consume the natural world. Mraz discovered at the end of writing all twelve songs that he truly did not know what love was in spite of songwriting exploration. Hence the title expressing that all he knows of love is that it is a four letter word.

The album title has led to the tour title of “Tour is a Four Letter Word” which is set to begin in South Korea.

Taking on the Greek meaning of his name as “healer” Mraz has dedicated himself to taking on the role of healer in his music and his work. As such, he created a foundation which supports human rights, the environment, education, and addiction assistance. He is also a supporter of marriage equality. He believes that equal rights for the gay community are the last step in the civil rights movement.

This is the cornerstone of his song titled “I Won’t Give Up”. He is adamant that no dream should be considered too small or too large, but that everything is worth fighting to obtain.