Jennifer Aniston an Entrepreneur with Grit and Focus

As the daughter of two acting professionals, it seems a foregone conclusion that Jennifer Aniston would grow up to become an actress. While her mother was only in a few films, her father is still one of the most recognized faces on daytime TV, with a featuring role in Days of our Lives nearly continuously since 1985. However, it very nearly wasn’t so.

Never Say Never

Before Jennifer Aniston got her big break with Friends, she faced plenty of adversity. While trying to “make it” in Los Angeles, the actress was given a series of flop roles, being cast as a regular in four sitcoms that never got off the ground. Three years after she moved to Los Angeles, she finally got a part in a theatrical motion picture. The horror movie Leprechaun was universally panned by critics. Aniston nearly gave up on her dream of acting, but the single mindedness which would define her business dealings compelled her to give acting one more try.

Help from Friends

Her Friends audition was a last ditch effort, and her eventual role was almost given to Courtney Cox. The show got off to a bit of a shaky start, with mixed reviews in its first season. However, by the end of the series’ 10 season run, Jennifer Aniston was the highest paid actresses on TV, and Friends had become a cultural touchstone with Generation X. The actress left the series with five Emmy nominations and one win under belt. However, she wasn’t satisfied with even this level of success, and began leveraging her popularity on the show to help generate film roles.

Building an Image

The movie roles Aniston took in the early days of Friends were generally for small independent pictures. It may not have seemed like much at the time, especially when contrasted with her burgeoning television success, but it served to show film makers that her face played just as well on the big screen as on the small screen. Because of this, she had a whole host of choice film roles available for her towards the end of the show’s run. Smash hits like Bruce Almighty, The Iron Giant, and Office Space ensured that the roles would keep coming.


Business Deals

While Jennifer Aniston has dipped her toes into the pool of merchandising with a fragrance and a hair care line, her main activities are still focused in Hollywood. During her marriage to Brad Pitt, the two founded a production company, Plan B Entertainment. Aniston opted out of Plan B Entertainment after she and Pitt parted ways. In its place is Echo films, Aniston’s own production company. The company has been attached to several projects, but has yet to produce anything. However, the actress has earned enough credibility that she can take her time deciding.

Jennifer Aniston’s career, despite its sudden and meteoric rise, is backed by a steady and determined nature which virtually guarantees that the actress will continue to be a major player in Hollywood for years to come. By refusing to give up and staying her course steadily, she has earned herself on a star on the walk of fame.