Jessica Alba: Integrity as a Business Strategy

As one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Jessica Alba has had a lot of opportunity to use her sexuality to her advantage. Despite this, she has instead chosen to take a career path which focuses on her sense of ethics. Even her flagship business pursuit, The Honest Company, is centered around a desire to do good in the world. Despite this, her choice has meshed with the zeitgeist, allowing her to make some cash without feeling compromised.

Whatever Doesn’t Kill You…

Jessica Alba’s early life was riddled with illness and isolation. Respiratory ailments were a constant nuisance, with repeated bouts of asthma and pneumonia eventually resulting in a collapsed lung. It’s very likely these circumstances, coupled with the rootless existence of a military family, led to the kind of introspective, ethical basis that underlies her business strategy. Perhaps her isolation from her peers was a blessing in disguise, as it may have prompted her to become a more thoughtful, sensitive person.

Finding a Passion

Her passion for acting started young, and has been a driving force throughout her life. After a string of roles in children’s films and commercials, Alba became noted for her series of roles in sci-fi and fantasy, which meshed well with the burgeoning “nerd culture” craze which came to be a defining characteristic of early 21st century pop culture. Whether this was a savvy business strategy, or her childhood experiences had led her to identify with the material is anyone’s guess. However, after several awards for her work in the genre, it’s hard to deny that it was a smart move.

Driven By Ethics

The Honest Company is motivated by a love for the environment, as well as a desire for consumers to have access to green products at affordable prices. While the green craze that has swept Hollywood in recent years has been criticized for shallowness, this venture seems to be based on a genuine commitment to providing quality products which consumers can feel good about. Despite the newness of The Honest Company, the internet abounds with rave reviews and positive comments from green moms who have found effective products without the side effects of harsh chemicals.


Jessica Alba’s idealism extends beyond her entrepreneurship, as her work with various charities can attest. In the past, she has worked for AIDS research, Habitat for Humanity, and Clothes Off Our Back. These efforts only serve to underline her work with The Honest Company, and contribute to her public image as a person with an authentic desire to use her fame to improve the world. While this business strategy isn’t a calculated move, that doesn’t make it any less successful or impressive.

Jessica Alba’s stalwart and consistent presentation of a person driven by her ethics has given her the kind of credibility that the best marketing campaign in the world could never hope to buy. By clinging to the ideals and standards she has set for herself, she has created an image which people trust, which makes her an excellent business person in addition to being an inspiration to anyone with both dreams and standards.